The Frontline

This is a story based in the world of Gielinor, from the MMORPG game of "Runescape". It starts in the knight base of Custodia , north of the great city of Falador, in an area now known as the "Goblin Village". The story begins from the point of veiw of Sir Laurence Galewind, a young knight of the Falador White Knights and apart of his experience in Custodia. Meet old foes as well as a new in "The Frontline."


2. The Dark Forces Arrive


Most of the new squires didn't know what to do; they looked to their knights for guidance. Not even most of the knights knew what to do. The black knights were our opposites. They despise the peace and prosperity we protect and they have always been aiming to shoot it down, this seemed to be another attack on this peace. Sir Colton stood for a moment as some of the squires panicked. He then raised his voice. “Silence!” Silence filled the great hall and it seemed as if time itself had stopped. "All knights prepare yourselves for combat. All squires are to help their knights and prepare themselves for the coming battle. Now stop standing around and go!" He ordered the group. He may have been the oldest man at the base, but he was our leader at Custodia and he has been in more battle legends then most children have heard of. I looked over at Alvin and he nodded at me, putting down the plates of food. I kept my helmet off, holding it with my right arm as I walked with a quick place to my sleeping quarters, where my real armor and weapons were. Weapons and armor which I had managed to keep in the best condition for ten years after I was dubbed a knight of Falador. The air swept through my light brown hair as I walked quickly into my quarters, the door almost slamming against the wall as I pushed it open. I took off my traditional armor, the armor I wore to training sessions and such, and Alvin began to prepare my battle armor, a thicker, sturdier version of the basic white knight armor.


Alvin quickly put on my armor; even in this rush he did his job well and to the best ability. I began sent him off however once he finished putting on my armor so he could prepare himself. I walked over to my weapon rack and looked it over. A fine selection of weapons, the best I could get with my years as a knight. I began to arm myself, attaching the weapons to my thick leather belt that was strapped tightly to my waist. I first grabbed the two small white daggers and sheathed them in a perfect fit sheath. I put the daggers so that each of my hands would be able to grab one with ease and quickly, in case of an emergency. I then reached over and grabbed a large steel mace. It was a heavier weapon than I usually wielder but it would crush the armor of the black knights and would come in handy in the coming battle. I had no way to close of the weapon's head so I simply strapped it to the right side of my belt, tightening it to my side so that it wouldn't move around and bang against my leg as I ran and battled with the dark force. I then stared down the large steel sword, a powerful blade and a blade which most needed two hands just to pick up and swing. It was a great force, as great, if not greater than the mace. I would need it to, as I had a feeling that the coming battle wouldn't be a simple battle.  I grabbed the large two handed steel sword and sheathed it in its large sheath with a strap used to carry it on my back. I put on the strap, it was a tight fit, but that was good, because having something constantly bang against your back in a battle could be slightly unsettling. I then looked to the last weapon on the rack. My family steel sword. It was a blessed weapon, blessed by the father at the Saradomin church in Falador. Blessed a hundred years ago and still in the best condition any one has ever seen. I picked it up gently and held it out, feeling the balance of the blade. It was a glamorous blade. It was a white steel blade, fine tip and sharp edges, being cared for by me for ten years, some of my days simply only polishing the blade and practicing. It was a perfect blade to my mind.


I examined the hilt of the blade. It was more decorated than most knights carried, but it's a family relic and a blade that has been passed down from father to son for the past one hundred years. Its guard was two small rods of pure gold with a blue cloth wrapped around the hilt and the bottom of the sword having an emblem of Saradomin, also made of pure gold. I looked behind me to a small altar of Saradomin. The time to ask Saradomin for protection was right, with the panic the knight spoke in it was probably a formidable force. Only Saradomin's guidance and protection could help us all. I sheathed my family sword in a blue dragon leather sheath and put it onto the left side of my waist and walked slowly to the altar. I grabbed a tinderbox on a nearby stand and lit the incense with a tinderbox. I put down the tinderbox back onto the stand and knelled before the altar, the symbol of Saradomin in front of me. "Saradomin give us guidance in the coming battle. Give us the power to protect the peace and prosperity in the land and for us to protect your people from the harmful hands of our enemies. Give us the power to defend our loved ones and our comrades." I spoke in prayer to the altar, my hands holding one another as I prayed to Saradomin for his help. I stood up and put on my helmet, the basic standard helmet with a blue dyed plume. I exited my chambers, fully armed for battle. There stood Alvin in his iron armor and the grasping two shields. His own basic iron shield and my polished white steel shield with a painted blue symbol of Saradomin's crest in the middle. "Here you are Sir Galewind. He said, handing my shield over to me. I nodded to him in thanks. "Now let us join the front lines and await the Black Knights." I told Alvin as I began to walk off.


After a few minutes of walking I joined the line of white knights, waiting for our enemies to come. I stood around the middle of the line. All of the squires stood behind their respective knight. I looked back at Alvin, he was worried, they all were. This was most likely their only real full on battle. "Don't worry Alvin. You are a strong squire. I wouldn't be surprised if you beat a few of black knights with ease." I said with a smile. I knew he couldn't see me smile, but it was the thought that counts and I was sure that he knew that I was smiling. As I looked back in front of me, I saw the enemy force. A well sized army of what I would say two hundred Black Knights. There were only one hundred total people in this base. This battle would be one of the most difficult I have gone through for sure. I heard Sir Colton's voice from afar. "For Saradomin!" He yelled. I pulled out my mace. We all then raised our weapons and yelled in union. "For Saradomin!!" We began to charge forth, being the ones to attack the black knights first. There may have been more of them, but I was sure that we could take them out, we would of course suffer casualties, but that was the price of peace for the land of Falador.

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