Why me?

Emma has all ways been a one direction fan but ever since her mum told her the family secret will she only love one or will life turn on her?


7. Oh Liam

*2 weeks later
"your gonna die Emma!" Louis shouted playfully with a water gun pointed at me.
I ran faster and faster and faster...
BANG! I had landed on the ground with my feet up in air "you are clumsy!" Liam shouted from the kitchen. "it's what I do!"
Harry picked me up and said mum was on the phone, I answered it and had a deep convocation about the boys and Liam (I fancie him!) and all that motherly stuff then asked to speek with Harry. I grabed my iPod and turned on Cher Lloyd beautiful people and fall asleep.
I was awoken by Liam snoring loudly beside me. How did he get there? But it was ok because he was so sweet ever since the break up with dani he has been so depressed. Poor boy.
She didn't know I was awake. she was so cute just looking confused. I needed to hug someone other than a boy at that point because Danielle had called me and shouted at me. I ended up crying. I love Emma with her dark red hair and glimmering eyes, I really do love her so much, I just hope she does to, so much…
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