Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


1. Chapter 1: Bonnies POV

School.... Ergh... I am no fan Of school. The only thing I like about it, is this year we can choose 3 subjects this year! Im Choosing, Biology, Geography and Animal Studies. "Bon Bon, Breakfast is ready sweetie." Maceyy Called from the kitchen. Maceyy, Dad's Girlfriend.. Not a big fan of that either.. But Dont get me wrong I think she's really nice and everything but sometimes I think she's replacing Mum. "Yeah, I'll be there in a second!" I shouted ripping the covers off me and standing up a little too quickly and falling down again. I quickly Get changed Into my school uniform..   yes we have uniforms.. -_- I feel that Students should get the need to express themselves through there clothes. As Mum always used to say: you can always judge what a person is like, by what clothes they wear. Sometimes thats not true, But mostly It is. I walked over to the kitchen slowly and saw Eggs on toast already made for me. "Thanks Maceyy." I smiled at her. She looked at me and chuckled. "What?" I say with a mouth full of food. "I almost Cooked Bacon this morning but I remembered." She said Proudly. "Well Maybe Your goldfish memory is wearing off.." I say smiling. She laughs and sits down infront of me eating Bacon And eggs. "Dont you ever feel the need to eat atleast some meat?" She asked swallowing a piece of bacon. "Nope" I say popping the 'p' "I really have to admire your determination with things." She said looking at me. "What do you mean?" I ask putting some toast in my mouth. "Just the way you want to Save the world and everything." She says. "Saving the world? You mean help Animals against animal Cruelty. And Help the people who are in poverty." I correct. "Well, thats technically the world honey." She says. "People who are selfish and Arrogant can Die out for all I care, Animals have more Right on this planet than we do." I retort. "Isn't that a bit harsh?" She raised an Eyebrow. "And your being Irralevent, It's true. Animals shouldn't Be dying out like this." I Deffend. She sighs in defeat, "I guess so..Whens your Zoo trip?" she says changing the subject. "Thursday." I answer quickly. She chuckles. "Well, Are you ready, It's time to go." She asks. I nod and grab my backpack walking out to the Car. "So where is Dad?" I ask getting into the Car. "He is Grocery Shopping." She replies with a shrug. "Shopping? I Thought woman Did that?" I ask jokingly She chuckles but stops when she looks down. She sighs. "Bonnie, I really don't want to get another phone call about your feet. Why cant you just wear Shoes?" She asks. I shrug. "there annoying, And Plus, theyre stupid to lug around on your feet all day.." I whine She sighs and Stays Silent. **at School** "Hey Guise!" I call out. Delilah, Elizabeth and Fiona all turn around and Smile. "Sup Bon-Bon!" Lizzy Calls out. I shrug, "Oh you know the Sky..Havent you noticed?" I say pointing upwards. Lizzy and Lils Laugh whilst Fi is on her phone looking anxious.  I look at Fi then back at Lizzy and Lils. They shrug and I nod. Finally Fi starts Screaming. "Wow... She's Lost it..." I mumble. Lizzy and Lils Laugh and Fi glares at me. "What? Whats got your knickers in a twist now?" I ask pointing to her phone. "Its something you'd Deffinitely Dont want to here." Lizzy Points out looking at Fi's phone. "Nothing I can't Handle." I shrug and Look at her phone. I Scrunch my nose up and look back up at her. "Ergh." Is all I said. "Why!?" She whines. "They seem Stuck up thats all.." I shrug. "Yeah but... But if you'd only watch the videos of them." She complains. I roll my eyes. She is inLOVE with this weird Boyband One Direction..  What I think of them.. I will repeat what I said Before.. Ergh. I mean there songs are all about love and how Pretty Girls are and about Wanting Girlfriends and crap. Its Kinda like.. Um FIND A GIRLFRIEND! and Plus, The Money for the Jet fuel that flies them everywhere could of been used to help the Giant Pandas in China. "Well, Not that I want to Hear it but, They're Coming here?" I ask. Fi Nods. "Well Not entirely here but you know in the city." Lils points out. I nod. "Lets just hope Fi doesn't make us go to the Airport and wait for them.." Lizzy mutters. Fi's Eyes go wide. "NO! Absolutely Not!" Lizzy, Lils and I shout. Fi pouts. "Fine." Well.. This should be interesting...

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