My True Love

You'll have to read and find out!;)


1. How it all started

   I was on my phone tweeting then I thought I should tweet my favorite celebrity,Niall Horan! His dreamy blue eyes just make you want melt like a wax candle. His beautiful blonde hair that shines brightly in the sun could make you faint.If I got a chance to meet him I would just die. So I decided to tweet him even though there's a pretty big chance he won't read it.   @Niallhoran Hello I was wondering when you and the band were coming to New Jersey.     I was getting tired so I went to bed.
   In the morning I woke up and my phone was vibrating it said I had a new follower on twitter.I checked to see who followed me and it was.... NIALL HORAN!!!! He even tweeted me!     @nialllover69 the band and I are coming to New Jersey in 2 weeks. :) he tweeted me his number too.
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