No One Knew

Ally Wright was madly in love with the world famous boyband One Direction. She was also in love with her boyfriend of 2 years Michael Simms. Little did he know that Ally had a life threatening disease that would drive them apart but bring her close to her biggest inspirations.


1. Introduction

Ally Wright loves her life. She's an only child and she has loving and supportive parents. She has tehe perfect boyfriend named Michael who has stood by her and loved her for 2 years. Ally just graduated highschool being the valedictorian in her class of 600 and she has an academic scholarship to Harvard. But she also has a disease that she's had since she was a child: leukemia. She hasn't told Michael because since they've been dating, she's been in remmission. What will happen when the diease comes back and she is forced to tell Michael the fatal news?

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