Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


8. Darcy!

Gemma's POV
Since me and my mum and Franz only surfered minor injuries we recovered first. We recieved news that the boys were fine they were lucky that the bullet didnt hit their heart so in a few hours they will be fine. I feel so worried about Darcy. WHERE IN THE FUDGE IS SHE?!?! I went to my mum and asked her who was that man

"Gemma i-its your f-father" mum said I stood there like a statue not knowing what to do

Harry's POV
Im concious again finally. I could hear Gemma and Mum talking saying that man was my father what kind of person would do that to their own child! WAIT DARCY WHERE AND HOW IS SHE?!?

Darcy's POV
My father asked if I wanted to call anyone

I answered back. "I WANT TO CALL MY MUM"

"Fine Darcy if you want to play it that way" My father answered

He gave me his phone I dialed the number

Anne's POV
There was a unknown caller on my phone. I usually dont answer but I could answer anyone if it involes my Daugter

"Hello Mum its me Darcy" The girl on the other line said it was DARCY!!

"Darcy WHERE ARE YOU?!?" I said almost screaming

"Mum did remember our favorite TV show Warehouse 13 and it was on the most loniest place in town" Darcy said in a calm voice

"Yes but why are you saying this now?!?" I said

"Mum all I want you to know That I love-" She was cut off

Then it hit me, warehouse in the lonliest place in town I know where my daugther is. I called everyone to go with me so we can save her.

Des' POV (Father)
"Awe poor Darcy she didnt even finish her sentence"

She looked at me with a mad face. So I hit her on the head with my gun she fell unconcious on the ground I bet she deserves it

Gemma's POV
I saw Darcy on the ground unconcious she was hit on the head but she is still alive, me and Franz quickly took her in the hospital. She was still unconcious. The nurse said that she would be unconcious for a while. Im really worried for her!

Harry's POV
We barged inside, I saw my OWN FATHER with a gun next to my unconcious sister. The boys and I hit him and I think we broke a few bones I seriously hope Darcy's Fine
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