Don't Speak (a One Direction fanfiction)


It's all fun, games and laughs til someone gets hurt. Unfortunately for seventeen year old Britton, she may get hurt in the worst way possible when she moves to London with her friends. Will her dream life turn out not so perfect, or will she somehow manage to keep going and pull through?
It's all right here in Don't Speak.
-Gummy xoxo
Fanfic started- August 22nd 2012
Fanfic last updated- August 27th 2013 3:35AM


10. I'm No Doctor

Britton fell into a fitful sleep, tossing and turning.

"Britton! You're such a whore!" Liam screamed at her. "Ugly son of a bitch!" Zayn threw. "I can't believe you!" Parker hissed. "Slut! Whore! Bitch!" Words were thrown at her like knives from every aspect of the room. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall, Parker and Layne were all screaming at her- but Britton couldn't fit it into place why. No matter how hard she tried to wake herself, the dream carassed it's slithering fingers around her tighter. "You're such a fucking cunt!" Niall yelled, shaking the younger girls shoulders forcefully. "You're just jealous of us and trying to ruin it! Attention whore!" Harry growled. Layne scoffed and said, "Slutty motherfucker!" Louis just stared at her with the biggest look of discust on his face. "Britton you're nothing but a worthless piece of shit. Go to hell. No one wants you here. You're just a piece of fucking trash!" He screamed, slamming his fist down on her shoulder, in which made Britton collapse to the floor in pain. "Oh little bitch can't take it?" They all sneered, gathering around her. "Stop it!" Britton cried, flailing her arms in protection of herself. "Whore! SLUT. S-L-U-T. SLUT!" The group around her seemed to gather tighter, making a way of escape nearly impossible. They stood like stone walls, that could taunt and sneer and laugh and talk to terroize the well being of those who are suffering.

Britton awoke in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Her room was empty. She pulled her kneels up to her chest and began to cry. Eventually, she cried herself back to sleep. Layne would be home soon.. at least she said she would. Could Layne have turned on me? Did she go off and tell the others? Do they all hate me now? Britton thought before falling into another fitful sleep.

Another dream. Another nightmare.

Darkness and darkness. Nothing but darkness. "How do you like your prison?" A voice echoed and bounced off the solid walls of her imprisionment. "We hope you enjoy's where you belong." Another voice hissed, snaking along the corners of the room, as if to be planning when to kill. A dim light flicked on and off, a buzzing noise inturupting the silence. People stood there. Seven people. Five were males, two were females. "Boys! Parker! Layne!" Britton cried. "Please help me!" She begged, staring deep into all of their eyes. Something about their eyes... it was.. ghostly. Is something missing?

Layne slipped into Britton's room quietly, and she shook her friend, ripping her from her jailcell and back into reality.. "Britt.. it's in the bottom drawer." She whispered, pointing her elbow towards Britton's dresser.

"Thank you so much, Layne.." Britton sighed.

"Hey, anything for you, love. Remember, I'm no doctor."

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