Confusion, Love, Pain and War

A cross-over between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is the first book, the second one currently being written.

The Percy Jackson crew come to Hogwarts and meet the other heroes from a different world. How will they take eachother? Will everyone get along? Will new loves form? Confusion and pain will come from all these. So read, and enjoy!


1. The News


Disclaimer: I don't own PJO or HP. I don't think I look like J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordan.





Percy's POV


  Me and Annabeth were out canoeing on the canoe lake and I was making tiny whirlpools circle around us making Annabeth laugh. Now that Kronos is gone and out of my life I have never been happier. No more stupid prophecies or dangerous quests. Just peaceful relaxing. If you can call sword training and rock climbing up lava spilling walls peaceful.


I was lifting up water and making it form various things like owls or horses or flowers or letters. Suddenly, we heard the conch horn blow so Annabeth started to paddle but I just used my powers and made us glide over the glittering water to the rocky shore. Did I mention that I'm a son of Poseidon? You know the sea god and all mighty earth-shaker. Yeah all of us here at camp are sons and daughters of a god or goddess on Olympus. Annabeth is a daughter of Athena, goddess of battle strategy and wisdom.


We ran to the dining pavilion and waited for Chiron to tell us the news. Excitement was written all over Chiron's face. His tail moving from side to side. Oh yeah, did I mention Chiron is a centaur? Yeah that's normal here for us demigods. From the waist up Chiron is a man, but from the waist down he's a white stallion.


Once all the campers were here Chiron stomped his hoof. We all fell silent. " Now today I have very important news," Chiron said." There has been a meeting with me and some other people from across the globe. We have decided that it is time that the two most dangerous kinds shall meet this year. Now one of these kinds are of course you, demigods. the others are witches and wizards."


There were a lot  of gasps and whispers through out the crowd. Annabeth turned to me and said " I can't believe it! There is actually something as wonderful as wizards and witches out there!"


"Now everyone please be quiet as I announce the names of the people that are going!" Chiron shouted over the crowd that was now chattering and being loud.


"There is ... Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Will Solace, Clarisse La Rue, Jake Mason, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Juliet Darren and Thalia Grace." Just now i realised that Thalia was here and was standing near the back. Me and Annabeth waved at her. She responded with a warm smile.


Everyone else who didn't get called all went"AAWWWWW!" Me and Annabeth hugged and then put our attention back at Chiron.


"Everyone will meet at 6:00 a.m tomorrow morning at the stables."





                 Harry's POV


  Me and Ginny were on a date by the lake watching the giant squid. Then I looked at my watch and realized it was time for lunch. Me and Ginny ran to the Great Hall but unfortunately we ran into Malfoy, Pansy and Goyle. " Well well well. If it isn't Potter and Weasley. What a cute couple." said Malfoy his words dripping with sarcasm.


"Move out of are way Malfoy," Ginny said forcefully.


"And what if we don't?"


"I'll make you."


"HAHAHAHA" The three of them burst out laughing. Before they could notice though me and Ginny pulled out our wands and blasted spell and charms at them.


"FURNUNCULUS!" I yelled.


"Wingardium Leviosa!" Ginny screamed.


Pansy and Goyle floated to the side while Malfoy suddenly started to grow boils all over his face. Did I say that everyone at this school is a witch or wizard. Well we are and that explains that giant boils on Malfoy's not so smug face now.


"And just for laughs...ENGORGIO!" Ginny said.


We walked past laughing and giggling. We met Hermione and Ron at the Gryffindor table. 


"Why are you guys laughing so hard?"Hermione asked.


As if on cue Malfoy walked in with giant boils still growing on his face. We all started laughing now and gasping for breath.


"What happenend to him?" Ron asked us still laughing his head off.


"He tried to stop us from coming in so we messed him and his buddies Pansy and Goyle."Ginny responded gasping a bit.



Suddenly, everybody stopped laughing when McGonagall walked up to the eagle pedestal.


"Greetings all. I hope we all have had a wonderful first day back. And now I have one announcement before we eat. Today we will be getting some visitors."


Everyone in the hall started murmuring and whispering with their neighbors.


"Now, now. Please everyone ...can I please... SHUT UP!" she yelled obviously annoyed. "Everyone, we have guests coming soon. These aren't normal visitors. No, their not wizards but they are actually more powerful than us by far. These visitors are... well who knows about Greek Mythology?"



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