The journey's start


1. poem

The Journey’s start

Do you remember that year? January to june.

That year was the best

the jokes and the fun, the stress and the

work. I didn’t know then

that year would be our best. Before

you changed it all. Did you do it on

purpose?  Did you mean to rend, ravage

and wreck? I remember it

all. The nightly weeping and wailing,

the red on the wall.

Your helm would protect you

as you shredded me,

so calm and so sure.


You spent the next three years piecing

me together never quite right. You said the

pieces didn’t fit, only to splinter me

again. You broke me too small, you

couldn’t fix me again.

I cursed as you tried once more. I knew it

wouldn’t work. What did you say to

make me change my mind?

That time was the last

you shattered me

too small that time. We haven’t

been together since. Did you ever try? Did

my silent blue room echo with my phone’s

jarring call? Did the wall

echo with your voice as you pleaded

and cursed. I never heard it. I didn’t

want to. I had run and escaped

up to the north where the

silent grey green hills didn’t echo your

pleas. I sat and bemoaned

my forced fate.

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