The 1D Daughter

Hi I'm Paige, I'm an 11 year old orphan in New York City. My mom and dad abused me and I ran from home so many times that police arrested my parents and put me in the orphanage. I am a sweet girl but if you make me angry I will attack you.


1. Normal Day

Today was a normal day just like any other. I got up and ate breakfast and went for a quick run. When I got back I had a note on my bunk from my best friend Cally. It read: Paige, I've been adopted by a wonderful family and have to leave the orphanage. I will keep in touch with you, don't worry. I hope I will see you again soon. Love Cally XOX
I had tears streaming down my face. Cally was my best friend. More than that, she was like a sister to me. I knew that I would have to live life without my sister, but it was going to be hard.

As the day went on I grew sadder. The older girls at the orphanage tried to comfort me, but it didn't work. I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning...
I woke up to the sound of whispers and what sounded like a bus moving. I opened my eyes to find 5 boys circled around me. I looked at them with a puzzled face for a minute. I looked a little closer at the boys faces and gasped. I front of my every eyes were One Direction!!!! I covered my mouth to prevent me from screaming and they all just smiled and laughed. I didn't bother to say a word because I was speechless.
"I assume you know who we are," Louis said with a smile spread across he's face. I nodded and moved my hand away from my mouth.
"What am I doing here?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face.
"We've adopted you!!" Liam said with joy. I looked at all their faces and they all nodded at me. I smiled with joy and got up and hugged Liam. The rest of the boys came over for a group hug. We broke apart and I just sat there and smiled to myself.
"Now can we go get some food?!" Niall wined.
"Yes now that Paige is up we can." Liam said as they all got up.
"Come on love, don't you want to eat?" Zayn asked.
"Yeah I'm starving," I said and got up and followed the boys off the bus. We were still in New York but I didn't know where. We walked about 10 minutes looking for somewhere to eat when Niall said " There!! Let's go there!!" pointing to a diner across the street. The boys nodded and we walked in the diner. I looked around and said "I know where we are!! I used to come here all the time with my friends!!" All the boys looked at me with a smile.
"Paige? Is that you?" I heard someone say.
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