Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


8. Fireworks

Louisa's POV
I'm Louis' girlfriend Yay!! I love this boy so much!

We went downstairs

"Damn that was fast Louis!" I heard Niall say.
"Its really alot of years slow" Lou answered
"Hey you guys want to watch the fireworks display tonight?" Harry asked
"Sure!" We all said in unison

(at 6pm)

We left for the fireworks display. Me and Lou looked for a place where we could be alone.

"Louisa do you think Franz and Harry would be a good couple?" Louis asked
"Harry AND Franz SERIOUSLY!" I said letting out a not so loud laugh
"I knew you would say that, but think about it do-" I cut Louis off before he could finish
"I know my cousin he would get one of his friends to ask for permision to get a girl" I said
"Well this is going to be tough" Louis whispered
"I heard that, but Franz has a huge crush on Harry. I would like them to be together, but I'm just afraid that Franz wont be herself and Harry wont like her and he would break her heart. I mean I just dont want this to be the end of our great relationship, you get what I mean Lou?" I said
"I get what you mean, but is that a yes of a no?" Louis asked with a puzzled face
"Its both, if you could get them to be their selves they would be perfect for each other so its kinda more of a yes about 79% just-" Before I could finish Louis cut me off
"Yes mission complete!" Louis yelled

Then he leaned close for a kiss, while he was kissing me one of the fireworks exploded! Our kiss was interupted when I heard

"Nice picture Liam!" I heard a boy with an irish accent say
"What picture?!?" Louis asked
"Here look its AWESOME!" Niall said causing me to gigle cause he said it like a whiny baby

The picture was me and Lou kissing with fireworks as the backround

"Well guys I have to admit it is AWESOME!" I said

The boys already posted the picture on twitter, it said

Look! It's the new couple @Louisa1D_23 and @Louis_Tomlinson :)) (Follow me :3)

I made the picture my new twitter icon. Some people replied "Lou and Lou you look awesome together" I smiled at this, but there was a hurtful one "You attention whore Louis was better with Eleanor!" I got a bit mad but Louis went over to me

"Its okay Louisa they wont make me break up with you, actually it makes me like you even more" Louis said while wrapping his hand around my waist then kissing me lightly on the cheek
"Well if thats the case I hope they hate me even more" I said letting out a giggle

Then he kissed me passionately on the lips. He asked for entrance and I let him in. I'm making out with my boyfriend but someone interupted (AGAIN!)

"Okay you two lovebirds your making us all throw up now" Franz said
"Seriously Franz!" I said while Louis unwraps his arms from my waist

"Hey why don't all of us go on a fancy dinner tommorow night?" Liam said breaking the akward silence
"Let's make it a date for all the couples in One Direction" I heard Zayn say
"Sure!" I said
"Could we invite El with her new BF?" Perrie said
"She is our close friend" Dani said
"Come on Louis it wont be THAT akward" I said
"Fine!" Louis said

Then I called Eleanor

"Hello?" Eleanor said
"Hey El it Louisa you wanna have a fancy dinner tomorrow night with Damen and us?" I asked politely
"Yeah sure!" El answered
"Okay bye!" I said in a happy tone
"hey guys El said sh could go with us!" I yelled
"YAY!" they all said in unison

I seriously hope it wont be really that akward
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