Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another



Louis' POV
I saw Louisa running down the stairs, I could see she was crying. I stopped the kiss and ran after her, then Franz came running down stairs to show something to Louisa. I stopped her and took a look at it my heart stopped. I turned away I ran up to my bed my head buried in the pillow she was gone, but that wont stop me I love her with all my heart

Louisa's POV
I went over to Franz I saw the picture it was Tom kissing me playfully. I gave her a serious look and ran to Louis' bedroom. "So I guess Tom's your new boyfriend" Lou said with his voice cracking like he've been crying. "BOYFRIEND?!?" I answered back. "ya you two were kissing at the pool" Louis said. I giggled then I said "I only kissed him cause I wanted Harry to get pissed off besides he has a girlfriend SARAH". "so it didn't mean ANYTHING to you" he said. "NOPE NADA NOTHING" I stated. Louis hugged me really tight like he would never let go then he kissed me on the lips fireworks were exploding but. Eleanor opened the door she looked really mad. Louis ran after her. What was I thinking he has a girlfriend ELEANOR!?!? I feel so stupid right now

Louis' POV
I knew it was wrong but it felt so right to kiss her when El walked in I didn't really care. So I just followed her. She went to the point and said "Lou this is'nt working out anymore we both know we're in love with different people now". "So El I guess we're over" I said "So I guess were are Louis just do me one last favor" El said. "What" I said, "Go Get Her Tiger" she said we hugged and I went straight back up, but first I looked for Harry for permission

"Hazza can I talk to you" I asked. "Sure mate" he said. "Can I please date your cousin please" I said. "WHAT DATE MY COUSIN" he shouted. "Please Harry I would never dare to break her heart" I stated. "You said that before to Eleanor and NOW" Harry said. "She's Different nothing like Eleanor I LOVE HER Harry with all my heart" I said. "Fine but Tomlinson if you break her heart I break your head" Harry said in a brotherly tone. I respect that I would do that to, then I said "you wont regret it". "but Lou can you help me with her best friend Franz" Harry said. "Why just smooth talk your way into making her like you" I said while eating a apple. "well I dont want to smooth talk her into liking me I want her to know me for who I really am Harold Edward Styles" "Fine mate ill help you get her and to get my future girlfriend's approval" I said "watch it Tomlinson" Harry said ''come on lets see how the girls are doing'' I stated
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