Infinity & Beyond !UNDER CONSTRUSTION!

---- Hey everyone i was reading this and i noticed all of my errors and my fetus writing was pissing me off so this story is going under MAJOR CONSTRUSTION---Alyssa Shaddow has always been lucky, great grades, amazing friends, Best boyfriend. Untill one day when she stayed home from school, because she was sick. An unexpected fire started and everyone was killed at the school. Just when she thinks everything is horrible, she moves to a new town and meets the boy of her dreams, Niall Horan. Then she falls for him instantly. Theres one catch, she's not quite sure how to love again.

**To all my readers... This takes place after the X factor and Before they get signed**


1. Moving Day

It was just such a blur to me. As we drove past my old school, all the memories that were created there, gone. All my friends, gone. I don't understand how any of it could have happened, the fire. It seamed so unreal.

872 bodies, distroyed.

All the families have nothing left of their child. My mom was lucky, she claims. She keeps ranting on and on about what would happen if she sent me to school that day. She was. I couldn't dout that, but I couldn't think like that right now. All I need is a fresh start. I couldn't even bear to stay here, with all the loss and grieving.  It's a known fact when a person is around negative energy they tend to become depressed. Which was something I didn't want to happen.

I expressed my feelings to my mom and she quickly agreed. Within a month or two we were on the road to our new place. As we were on the road my mother began to tell me about the place she found, it was by a private beach down the Jersey Shore. It's seamed pretty cool and I was stoaked. She also told me about the highschool I would attend in the fall, and then I realized.  This was my first time having to create new friends in a long time. Eventually we pulled down the street of where we would live. Every house was beautiful, they were all huge mansion. 

Stepping out of the car I stood back, taking in the ocean breeze.  I picked up my first box, and began to unload my bedroom.  


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