lengend, myth, legacy


1. poem

Legend, myth, legacy

Do you remember that tale? Days long

Gone by. That tale that passed

From mother to child, the myths and the

legends. They didn’t know then

what would echo through time, ripple

 eternity in ever changing rings. Did they do it on             

Purpose?  Did they do it to be remembered?

The statue in the square did they want that

Built? Is the tale we hear the one they want

Told? The mistakes they made, were the reasons

 more real? Did they really do all of

those things? Has eternity altered the

echo we hear ? The mist of the past

obscures the tale .


A Legacy, a myth, a legend the difference?

A legend, a piece of a tale blurred and embellished

 till the characters are no longer real.

A myth, pieces of a tale that don’t fit stretched

beyond belief to make them fit.

A legacy, the tale of a person from the

Stories engraved on the

minds around them.

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