I Was Scared Until I Met You

Ally wasnt the luckiest girl in the world her mother died when she was 10 and was forced to live with her alcholic step father because her dad was MIA since birth. One day Ally couldnt take any more of her fathers beatings so she decides to run away having no friends and no where to go what will she do and who will she meet. Follow Ally in her ups and downs throughout the story:D


12. Good morning


I woke up with someone's head on my chest. Oh right i had forgotten that Ally's cousin Layla had come and that we happened to kiss or make out however you would like to categorize it. I know that I haven't known Layla for long but I just feel so comfortable with her and I how she feels the same way about me.

 "Morning Niall how did you sleep?" Damn I always manage to wake people up

"Morning Layla I slept great so ...erm bout last night I was won-" I was cut off by her kiss. I don't think I need to wonder if she likes me know.

"Niall I know we have only met but I feel like we can tell each other anything" Layla spoke in her groggy morning voice.

"I feel the same way" i said as I began kissing her again she didn't hesitate but I think she wanted more but right now I wasn't ready for that not until we know each other for longer and we confirm how we feel.

"Layla I think we should take things slow for right now at least for a few days and until we know what we really feel or each other okay?" I was trying to be a gentleman deep down inside yes I wanted her I wanted her bad i just didn't want her to do anything that she didn't want to do.

"Its okay maybe I could change your mind by tonight if thats alright by you?" I think she knew exactly what she wanted

"Maybe if you are clever enough to change my mind" I snickered and we fell back to sleep.


I woke up with nothing on and i could tell you Zayn wasn't the only one that was indecent. I laughed at the thought but i know we didn't do anything last night. "Morning baby I think you should wake up" i said hopping on him like a little kid  except a little kid wouldn't be all skin. Zayn just groaned and put his arm over his eyes. So I decided to do something I knew would wake him up. i ran my hands up and down his chest.

"Wake up baby" I whispered in his ear

"I'm awake and " he cut himself off

"What's wrong ?" i asked looking t him confused

"Well first off we never remember to shut our door and second Harry and Louis re standing at out door laughing " I was so embarrassed

 "Well i don't object to be woken up like that at all" Louis said while snickering I quickly grabbed the blanket and covered myself while getting off Zayn which i don't think was a good idea after all

"Wow Zayn have fun this morning did you" Harry said while running into our room and jumping on the bed.

"Okay guys I feel like you should leave Ally and I alone " Zayn was stern but the boys just laughed and said

"Okay we know what you want to do see you in about an hour? yeah that sounds about right since Ally only screams for that amount of time every time you guys are intimate"  I was going to kill them I am not that loud am i ?

"can you just get out and go see Niall and Layla ?" I asked

"Oh we already did and they were making out again like two dogs at an ice cream shop" Louis was so stupid sometimes i swear

"Okay well bye " Harry said while pulling louis being him.

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