Unplanned Love

17 year old Brianna and her friend,Maddy, have been waiting to go to a One Direction concert forever! They finnaly get tickets, as they are walking back to the car something happens, Brianna wakes up in th hospital. When she gets out she nveer expects to fall in love. I don`t have the best grammar skills but i hope you enjoy it:)


12. riding with the boys

My paarents came home rigt when the movie ended. I decided not to tell them about Mark because they`d just get worried and not let me go.When i told Maddy she started crying. I ran upstairs, grabbed my stuff and did a quick scan of my room to make sure i didn`t forget anything.I ran back downstairs to say goodbye to every one.

'So your sure you`ll be ok honey?'

'Yes mom i`ll be fine!' I responded with a tad of annoyance.She replied with a sight and pulled me into a hug.Next my dad. I walked over to him but he was already walking towards the boys. He marched up to them looked them all straight in the eyes and said,

'Now if anyone of you boys try to make a move on my daughter so help me i`ll...'

'Dad!' I cut him off. Well that was embarasing. I gave him a hug and saw that Niall was beet red. The boys helped me out with my bags while i went to say goodbye to Maddy.

'What am i going to do without my bestfriend?'

'Maddy i`m only going to be gone for like a month.'

'Yea only!' She gave me a small smile.'God i wished my parents wouldn`t be on fun patrol all the time.' I pulled her into a long hug.

'I`ll see you in a bit ok? And i`ll text you every day.'

'Ok well i better get going,Bye.'


We climbed abourd their bus and it was incredible. It was way bigger then our little RV at home. It had a kitchen,2 bathrooms,little sitting room, and five little bedrooms for each of the boys.There was also a little curtain separating the boys from the driver. They closed the curtain and i went to sit on the couch. Louisand Laim sat to the left of me and Harry plopped down next to my right. Niall looked annoyed and sat next to zayn on the other couch.

'So love do you want anything to eat?' Liam asked.

'No that`s...'

'I DO!'Niall yelled and sprang up from the couch and ran into the kitchen.

'...ok.' We all started laughing hystarically.

'Ok so we should be in Cheshire around 5 or so.'

'So what are we going to do for 5 hours then?' I asked.

'Well we usually watch a movie or sleep on long bus trips.' Zayn said.

'Ok well i`m not tired and don`t feel like watching a movie so how about we play bullshit.' I suggested.

'What`s that?' they all asked.

'You mean you`ve never played bullshit?'


'Omg it`s so fun! Do you have a deck of cards?'

'Yea in the kitchen.'

Igot up and walked over to the kitchen and found Niall making like 4 sandwiches.

'Who are those all for?' I laughed

'Myself.' He smiled.

'Omg you so adorable.' I laughed and he smiled. We found the deck of cards and went back to the others.I explained to them how to play and they caught on real quick. Louis won almost all the games we played.

'Wow Lou, you`re a wizard at this game.' I said.

'Well i`m a smart person my carrot queen.' I smiled hugely.When were done with that Zayn suggested truth or dare and we all agreed.

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