Guinea Pig Diary :)

well, it's pretty self explanatory...


1. hi..?

Erm, hello? What am i meant to write..?

I'll start with inroducing myself: i am a guinea pig, and my name is... err... i'm not sure. I don't think i have a name. But i can tell you where i live! I live in a place where there are lots of animals. My mummy and my two sisters live in a house which looks like it has no wall but it does. Who would invent something stupid like this!?

I am 3 weeks old.

My mummy told me that when i'll be 12 weeks old then a human will take me home. Why would they do that, though? I don't know. There's alot of things i don't understand in my life. But i'm still little. Nothing to worry about. Except making sure that nobody steals my food!

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