Twins-Best of Friends?

Identical twins-surely they're the best of friends. Sadly, that's not always the case...
Read Ryan's tale of bullies and betrayal...


1. One~"The cutest twins ever!"

When my brother and I were born, our family were overjoyed. Mum was told how sweet we were and that we were "The cutest twins ever!"

When we were one year old, we were dressed in matching outfits. We were obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. We shared a room.

When we were two years old, our first words were the same, both were "no!" We discovered cars and spent hours "driving" our toy cars around the house.

When we were three years old, we asked hundreds of weird questions. We started going to a childminders, where we only played with each other.

When we were four years old, we started school. All the kids like us and we loved every second of it, mostly because there were remote control cars!

When we were five years old, we learned to read and write. But one of us loved reading anything, the other only occasionally read the back of toy car packs.

When we were six years old, we discovered CBBC. We both agreed to somehow manage to marry Tracy Beaker when we were old enough.

When we were seven years old, we got a dog! She was called Tracy, after an argument. One of us wanted to call her Tracy, the other wanted to call her Killer.

When we were eight years old, we got bikes. One of us got the hang of it immediately, the other fell over a lot and blamed the wind.

When we were nine years old, we stopped dressing the same. One of us discovered shirts and jeans, the other found hoodies were more their style.

When we were ten old, one of us discovered football. While they were glued to the TV, watching Chelsea get destroyed by Liverpool (Yes!) the other preferred Quidditch.

When we were eleven years old, we got separate rooms. One room was painted blue and plastered with Chelsea posters, the other room was red with a small TV to watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings DVDs on.

Now we are twelve years old and we're going into our second year of secondary school. We are no longer the "cutest twins ever!" One is a teacher's pet, smart cookie and is the shadow of his twin. The other is mega popular, is our year's football hero and has a girlfriend.

My name is Ryan O'Nally. My twin is called Ricky.

This is my story.

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