Mr and miss niall horan

After niall got caught cheating on Taylor (Taye) in book one and him sleeping on her doorstep, he gets her back and proposes right then and there then. Now finally 18 year old taylor and 22 year old niall are having the honeymoon and wedding of there dreams!


1. Looking back

Taye's P.O.V: when i opened the door and took a spaz at niall for cheating on me he got down on his knee and started singing gotta be you and Pulled out a ring box and propsed, well i said yes and we kinda made out, my mom came out and said "don't get to pysical!" she said. Me, Niall and Harry started talking and we talked for the whole day until they had to go back on there tour. I kissed niall good-bue and he said he'd take me out somewhere next sunday, I sat around the house helping my mom With the school we run out of the basement, like cleaning up and getting the work ready for tomorrow. I also had to go back to mcdonalds which had been only opened 1 time since the 4 days i was gone. I cleaned up and decided to sit for a while, i sat in the exact same seat that one direction sat in a week ago. It was really hard to belive that i had only known niall for 11 days and we are already engaged. **sigh** i got out a pen and a napkin and wrote "one direction sat here!!!" in big bubble letters and set it on the table. It's also hard to belive he fell for 14 year old and hes 18! I walked out of mcdonalds and locked the door, i got in the car niall had bought me and started to drive home, into my room i went as soon as i got there and counted the days i had left to see him on my calander so its thursday so 3 more days! I can't wait!
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