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This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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7. My brother 💙

___Florah's POV___

Once we all finished eating we wandered over to my house so the boys could meet my family. It was only me, my mom and my older brother since my dad died a while back. My brothers were honestly my best friends. Max was 2 years older than me. Im only 17, so Max is 19 now and I love them to death. We hardly ever fought and he understood me. He was always there through everything from boy troubles to painting the finger nails on my right hand. I never had any tight girl friends, so my brother was always my go-to person, even when Harry was here and even more when he was gone. Anyways, when we walked in and Max was the only two home. I yelled,"We're home!" loudly and he ran towards us. Max got to us and told me to jump on his back so I did. He turned back and his jaw dropped to the floor. Harry came up beside us,"Well, well, well, I was wondering when you'd come back!" Harry laughed and pulled Max into a huge bear hug.

"Man, I've missed you," he said,"now come into the house!" I laughed. Max finally closed his mouth and the boys walked in and I introduced them,"Max, this is Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam." Max hugged them all. Weird right? Well that's the kind of people my brother was. Caring and lovable. Max had dark brown hair and he was 5'9, tanned, fit and had bright green eyes. All the boys piled into my living room and started talking about cars and the fame and whatnot so I decided to make sandwiches since I was starving. I walked into the kitchen leaving them there talking when I heard a grumble from behind me. Niall.

He walked up with shiny eyes,"Niall, are you okay?" I asked him. He shook his head up and down and said,"Just hungry and tired."

"Oh, me too. Help me with the sandwiches?"

"Sure." he said instantly as I mentioned the sandwiches. We ended up making 15 sandwiches since well, their boys, they had huge appetites right? I chuckled as I walked into the living room with Niall to find the boys still talking.

Niall yelled "Sandwiches!" and he grabbed a bunch and ran as all the boys ran towards me. I screamed and quickly put the plate on the table and grabbed two halves. I saw Max already sitting down shoving his face, as usual, and went and sat on him. He moved over a bit and I turned side ways and threw my legs on his lap. The boys all came back into the living room and I saw Niall on Lou's back laughing. Niall's laugh was amazing. He was so cute too. Snap out of it Florah. Their your friends. You shouldn't like them like this. I mean, I haven't even known them a full day! Oh boy. This should be interesting.

____Max's POV___

I was pretty shocked to see Harry. I haven't seen him in two years. Well, except in magazines of course but that's not really seeing him. His lads were pretty great. I could see Florah liked them a lot as well. It was almost 9 o'clock and we had been talking for hours without stopping.

"Be right back guys." I said and pulled Florah out of the room with me

. ____Harry's POV___

Max dragged Florah out of the room with him. She shot us all a smile and we went silent for a minute. Then Niall spoke up,"Wow. Their great! Harry you have amazing friends." I smiled. I know they are, but their your friends too now, so you've got amazing friends as well." Niall just laughed and then got up to look at the movies with Liam. Florah and Max came back out with huge grins.

"What are you two smiling about?"

"Well, since our house is bigger and has the most room.." Max started. "We talked to your mom and she agreed that it would be more comfortable since you'd all get your own beds here." Florah said.

"And our moms not going to be home for a couple weeks since she's gone to New York for a new case, so you guys are staying here!" Max finally finished. By the time they finished all the boys were out the door and running to my house to get their stuff. This is going to be fun.

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