Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


2. Broken ankle

  When we got home, I crawled up the stairs like a gorilla to Uncle Niall's room which he was STILL doing a twitcam. He ran and picked me up and put me on his lap. While we were doing the twitcam I kinda made a boom-boom. "Oh my god LUX! You pooped!, Be right back everyone" he said as he picked me up and took me to my mum. "Umm Lou...Lux made a boom-boom" he said in disgust giving me to my mommy. I started crying because it was uncomfortable. "Let's get you cleaned up young lady" my mommy said as we went up the stairs to our room and cleaned up. "BAT, BAT!" I screamed wanting to take a bath. "awww okay young lady! Uncle Liam will take you a bath" she said as I giggled. "LIAMMMM, LIAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Mommy screamed. "Yes!" he screamed back. "Can you PRETTY please give Lux a bath?" she asked uncle Liam. "Aw sure for my little luxy bear" he said running up the stairs and scooping me up.

    After Uncle Liam finished taking me a bath, he put me in a tiger towel and changed me into a flower dress. "Pretty, Pretty!" I said as I hugged uncle L. "your so adorable lux! Let's watch Toy Story!" he exclaimed. "Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!" I screamed. We went downstairs and watched toy story until we fell asleep. Mommy took a picture and then she woke us hope and showed us the picture. I took the phone and started biting it. "Mommy, uncle ZAYN!" I screamed clearly telling her I want Uncle Zayn. She took me and put me beside Uncle Z. "Park Park!" I screamed. "Okay, I'll get your other uncles and we'll go sweetie" Uncle Z said. After Uncle Z got all the uncles we went to the park. Fans started running towards us and 2 of the fans pushed me over and I fell. I started crying a lot because I twisted my ankle, it hurts more because I'm a baby. Uncle Z picked me up and we ran home while my mummy and my other uncles ran behind us.

  When we came home we went to the doctors, we found out I broke my ankle. I cried even more when I heard about it. After my mummy said we wouldn't go to the park for a long time because of this stupid accident. All I wanted was Toby, our pet doggy, I loved him, he was soo cute. I started snuggling next to Toby and I fell asleep with him. After Uncle Liam and Uncle Louis took me with there date with Aunt Danielle and Aunt Eleanor. It hurt when I had to sit down. It was really fun and after that me and my mummy took a power nap on the couch, it was sooo cozy.

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