Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


1. Mommy! Mommy!

    Hi guys, I'm Lux! My mommy is Lou Teasdale, she is a stylist for my 5 uncles, One Direction. Though, I'm a baby, I can hear all the things they say. I can only say "Mommy", "Dada", "GOODMORNNNNNNNNING"n "GOOOOODNIGHT", also my 5 uncles names. I finally woke up beside my mommy. "Mommy, Mommy!" I said after I woke up. "Hi sweetie!, Let's go to uncle Niall!" she said picking me up and gently putting me beside Niall who was doing a twitcam. "Look who decided to join us!" Niall said picking me up and putting me on his lap in front of the laptop. "Uncle NIALL!" I screamed trying to hug him.

@BabyLuxandOneDirectionfan- "awwww BABY LUX, YOUR ADORABLE!".


      "Aw Lux, they love you!" He said reading the tweet. I bit the laptop screen and then Uncle Harry and Uncle Louis came on and joined us. After a while Uncle Zayn joined us! My favorite Uncle was Uncle Zayn and I just learned to say Bradford bad boi. "BRADFORD BAD BOI! BRADFORD BAD BOI!" I screamed as everyone started laughing. Uncle Z picked me up and we started walking out as I waved Bye to everyone. "Ba, Ba!" I said because I couldn't properly say "Bye". "Let's go to the supermarket with uncle Niall and Mommy!" Uncle Z said. "YAYYYYYYYYY!" I screamed hugging Uncle Z. "UNCLE NIALLER, UNCLE NIALLER" I screamed overhearing my mum say Nialler so I caught on. "YES??" Uncle N. Shouted. "'COME COME...SUPER...MARKET!" Uncle Z whispered to me the words. "Ok coming luxy bear!" Uncle N shouted. I laughed in a adorable tone. We then went to the supermarket and we went to the checkout lane. Uncle Z was throwing me in the air and catching me!





This will kinda be the the length of every chapter cuz cum on! She's a baby haha  xx

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