A girl meets a boy and he makes her think she only looks beautiful with make up on and wearing short, revealing clothes. This goes too far and in a tragic crime she realised maybe being 'beatiful' isn't so good.


1. Beautiful

I look beautiful.

Well at least that's what he says…

I'm wearing his favourite outfit; my tightest, shortest, black skirt and a leopard print bandeau with bright pink lace along the top. I’ve got my longest hair extensions in, making my peroxide blonde hair longer than anyone else's I know. My eyes are covered in mascara, eyeliner and some pink glitter on the lids, I've caked my face with foundation making my skin look flawless and blusher over that making my cheekbones stand out more than normal and my favourite pink lipstick making my lips have the perfect pout. I finish off with my favourite black heels and I'm done.

I've just arrived at Charlie's friend, Terry’s house party and I've already turned almost every boys head whilst walking in. As soon as Charlie saw me a cheeky smile burst onto his gorgeous face. We've been together for three months and I think I could be in love. I always had a bit of a crush on him ever since primary school but we never talked so I never even thought we would be together.

The first time he really took any notice of me was at my best friend, Katie’s party, it was fancy dress and I went as a sexy devil, Katie had convinced me to wear a lot more make up than usual, I ended up wearing fake eye lashes, thick black eyeliner and amazingly bright red lipstick to go with a short strapless red dress and red heeled boots.

It was half way through the party and everyone was a little bit drunk because someone had manage to steal a bit of vodka from their parents and I was busy dancing with some friends and I saw Charlie staring at me from across the room, this was weird for me as he’d never taken any notice of me before so I got a bit excited but carried on like normal, then he walked over and that’s when I really started freaking out, I had no idea what to say. ‘You look beautiful, Tee’ was all he said in my ear.

‘Thanks’ I replied a bit too shyly, he cracked a smile and took my hand and led me to the next room that was filled with couples getting off with eachother.

‘I never realised how good looking you were’ he said into my ear.

‘Well I’ve always looked like this’ I instantly regretted this as he looked a bit taken aback but he still carried on the conversation.

‘So… how about going out tomorrow to get some food?’

‘Yeah, of course’ I burst out a bit too quickly, hoping I didn’t sound too eager.

‘Cool, meet outside Nando’s at 1o’clock?’

‘Yeah great’ was all I could force out of myself before he kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the room. If I could choose the favourite day of my life so far I would choose then. I left immediately and went home, before I knew it I was at home laying on my bed still in a bit of a daze. The next morning I was re thinking the whole thing, what if he was really drunk or it was just a bet? But then I remembered I had been waiting 5 years for this so I shouldn’t doubt it.

I was just about to ask my dad for a lift into town when I remembered what I looked like the night before. I was wearing a short skirt and loads more make up than normal so I decided to add another layer of foundation and put on a shorter pair of shorts hoping he notices the extra effort.

We had a really fun day, we talked about everything, we got on a lot better than I expected so we had about 5 more dates over the next month often ending in a kiss and we officially became an item.

After about 8 weeks we started staying at each other’s houses, nothing ever happened because we were only 15, he was always up for it but when I said no, he didn’t go on about it.  One morning he woke up before me and was having a shower whilst I got up and did my makeup. - since we had been together I started wearing a lot more, he never said anything about it but I always felt I had to keep up appearances in front of him - When he walked into his room having finished his shower he sat on the bed and made a unexpected comment ‘You look so much more beautiful with more make up on’

I tried to cover up my shock and hurt with a cute smile and replied ‘Thanks, I try’ As soon as I was dressed I got my stuff and left. I wasn’t really mad at him because I knew I did look better with make up on but it’s not a comment you should make to your girlfriend even if it’s true. When I got home I must have looked upset because my dad asked what was up but I just blamed it on lack of sleep and went to bed.

For a whole week I ignored his texts and calls but I didn’t understand why I was upset as I chose to wear the makeup, but the comment really hurt. I eventually decided to call him and lied, saying I was grounded for a week for staying out all night without him knowing and he asked no more questions

He didn’t say anything like that again but that was mainly because I started wearing even more makeup and decided to bleach my hair.

So turning up to Terry’s party I felt really good about myself. I got really drunk, a lot more so than I would have before I got with Charlie, but thinking about it I rarely went to party’s before I got with him.

I am walking home alone because I feel ill, when I hear some voices behind me. I think nothing of it as it is a Saturday night and I just want to get home and I live a couple of streets away. The footsteps are getting closer and the voices getting louder, they sound like grown men but I don’t turn around as I don’t want to bring any attention to myself. I turn down a shortcut, an alley which went past a field that Charlie and I often walked through, hoping the men would go the other way, but to my surprise they turn down the alley and followed me, I decided to take off my heels and walk a bit faster as the thought of being stuck down a long alley with potentially drunk men scared me. Then I hear them.

The wolf whistles and cheers. There is only two men, I can hear the footsteps more clearly, then the shouts ‘Oi! Lovely, come here and gimme a kiss’ I start to run, but about 3 metres away from the ended of the alley I trip and graze both of my knees, my chest, hands and feet. Then I feel the hands grabbing me, I struggle to get off of them and I bite on of them and he lets go, the other one is holding my legs so my head goes straight for the floor and I get knocked out.

I woke up led on the floor of a shed naked, covered in sweat and my make up all over my face. I had no idea what was going on. I struggle to get my clothes on and look for my mobile. I found that it was 5am and I had 34 missed calls from my dad and numerous texts asking where I am from friends. I didn’t know what to do, so I just left them and walked outside to find where I was. I suddenly remembered what had happened and where I was. I woke up in an abandoned shed in the field I had walked past the night before. I immediately rang the police and told them I had been attacked by two men.

I looked ‘beautiful’.

I had been attacked and raped by two drunk men, they were caught by the police and claimed “I was asking for it” My family and friends were supportive but when I told Charlie he just said “You shouldn’t have dressed up like a tart then.“ I put the phone down on him and never spoke to him again. Although I couldn’t help thinking he was right.

Maybe being ‘beautiful’ isn’t as good as it sounds.

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