Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


1. No.

"Maire!  Honey!  You are going to miss your flight!"  My mum shouted at me from downstairs.  "Good!  I'm not going, mother!"  I yelled, equally loud.  "Yes, you are!  This conversation is over!"  She said, sounding aggravated.  I had known my mum my whole life, I knew when to leave her alone.  I was going to stay at my Aunt Lydia's house for the next 4 months, while my mum was away in Paris.  Probably chasing after some guy.  She really needs to learn when to quit.

I finished throwing all of my stuff in my bags, and dragged them downstairs.  "Honey, do you really need that much junk?"  My mum said, refering to my 4 suitcases, and my 2 purses.  "It's not junk.  Unlike you, I won't have much time for a shopping spree." I said coldly.  She turned away.  I pulled out a bowl, and ate my Cinnamon Crunch cereal.  "Look.  I don't want to leave on a bad note.  Will you forgive me for whatever it is that I've done this time?"  She asked, breaking the silence.  I walked up to her in tears, and hugged her.  Even though we fought a lot, she was still my mum.  And I still love her.  "I'm gonna miss you."  I said quietley.  "I'll miss you, too, baby.  I'll miss you, too."

****At The Airport****

"Flight 227 to Mullinger boarding now."  The flight attendant said, sounding bored.  "Well, this is it.  See you in 4 months!"  My mum said.  We hugged.  Through the tears I said, "Call me everyday, okay?  We can skype, and it will be as if we never left eachother.  I love you mum." "I love you, too."

****After The Plane Ride****

I scanned the large crowd gathered around the plane's exit for Aunt Lydia's farmilliar blonde head, but it was no where to be seen.  "Over here, darling!"  Auntie sing-songed.  Everything about her was all rays of sunshine, all of the time.  Gosh, how am I going to live for 4 months!?I turned my head to the left, and saw her.  Sure enough, she was wearing a bright floral print dress, yellow flats, and a matching purse.  Lovely, huh?  "C'mon!  What 'cha waiting for?  We've got 5 handsome boys sitting my van, waiting to see you!"  She chirped.  5 handsome boys.  Last time she tried to set me up, I got nothing but a broken heart.  As if she read my mind, she said, "Don't worry, I'm not trying to set you up!  I learned what happens last time, with Chris."  I winced when she said his name.  She must have seen it, because she walked closer to me =, and rubbed my back.

Last time I saw Auntie, she had a neon yellow minivan.  Her car choices have gotten no better since then, I thought as she led me to an orange campervan.  I sigh. This was not the kind of attention I needed.  I said I want to be remembered, but as a cool girl, not the one staying with her crazy, hippie Auntie and an orange campervan.  Great.  My life was great.

I slid in the back of the van, sitting on one of my suitcases.  The 5 bays Auntie was talking about were taking up all of the seats.  In turn, they introduced themselves.  Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis.  I shifted, uncomfortable with the seating arrangement.  The blonde boy, who I recall being called Niall, climbed over the back of his seat, to come sit next to me.  "Not very comfortable back here, is it?" He asked in his adorable Irish accent.  Wow, if I fall any harder, I will hit my head on the concrete, I thought.  Dang.  I was falling, and falling hard for this little leprachaun.

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