Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


1. Bored

Nobody's P.O.V.


"I'm bored.." Minnie says to her cat, Stan, while Stan just sits there purring. Minnie is listening to the radio.

"And coming up next, One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful!" says the radio man while One Direction starts to play.

"Ugh!" Minnie groans, while switching off her radio. Minnie goes downstairs, and into the family room where her mom and dad sit, watching soccer.

"Mom, Dad, I'm super bored.." Minnie complains.

"Let's skip the guessing game and just tell us what you want to do, Min.." her dad says. Minnie sits down and rolls her eyes.

"Fine.. I want to go to Canada's Wonderland!!" says Minnie excitedly.

"But sweetheart, we live in Peterborough, Toronto is 2 hours away, and you know I get motion sick!" says her mom.

"Then take a Gravol and don't come on the roller coasters!" suggests Minnie.

"Fine.. Andy, wiill you drive?" says her mom to her dad.

"Okay, let's get going." says Andrew, Minnie's dad.


Minnie's P.O.V.

We just arrived at Canada's Wonderland. My dad pays for parking and we park. We go to buy tickets, and we purchase the fast lane so I can do more rides. As I run over to the Vortex, leaving my parents behind, I get into the fast lane and there are seven people in front of me. The five boys in front of me are fooling around, and the blond freak in the back rams into me and I stumble down the stairs.

"Screw you.." I mutter and get back up the stairs, expecting an apology. Nope. Nothing. Just a bunch of ignorance. They ignored me. Wow. Jerks. The line starts moving, and just my luck, the blond idiot is sitting next to me. I get in and sit down.

"How you doin'?" he says with a wink.

"I'd be better if you weren't here.." I say and pull down my bar thing to hold me in.

"Oh.." the boy says, sounding hurt. Good, he deserves to be hurt. The ride starts, and he starts kicking my leg.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I scream at him. He laughs his annoying Irish-sounding laugh and I kick his shin and he yelps. The ride ends, and he is limping once he gets out. His friends in front of me greet him, and look over at me after the kid points at me. Some dude with black hair that is like three feet in the air comes over and says,

"Why would you kick Niall?" he asks, sounding like he has a Bradford accent, or around there.

"The little twerp kicked me and pushed me down the stairs!" I yell at him, earning myself some very weird looks from people passing by. Another one with curly hair pops out from behind the Bradford kid.

"Look, I'm sure Niall apologised. Is there anything we can do for you? Piggyback you to your next ride or something?" Curly-Sue asks.

"Why would I want a piggyback from a jerk-like stranger? B-bye." I say and storm away. I ride a few more rides, and then when I get in line for the Leviathan, everything goes back downhill. The five stooges are in front of me, singing. Ew! They are singing a One Direction song. I tap Curly-Sue on the shoulder and say,

"Do you mind not singing a song written by One Direction? They are disgusting jerks.." I say and turn my attention back to the line. Curly chuckles and says,

"Well, it should be hard, considering we are the 'disgusting jerks'.." he says, looking offended.

"Well, let me say, it's most certainly NOT an honour to be near you.." I say, and turn around, facing some weird parent staring at me awkwardly.

"Why thank you," says Curly and turns back around.

"HARRY!! GIVE ME A KISS!!" some freak yells, and I turn around to find Curly being kissed on the cheek by some kid in suspenders. Niall, that blond kid, is laughing so hard he's bent over, and the Bradford guy is staring at the ride, while the other guy who looks like Justin Bieber is trying to pry the suspenders kid off 'Harry', I guess his name is. We are next in line, and I get stuck sitting in the row of four with the kid who looks like Justin Bieber, Niall next to me, and the suspenders kid next to Justin Bieber, and JB is next to me.

"I give you my deepest apologies for the other lads, I need them to behave better in public, and we're working on that. I'm Liam," The Justin Bieber knockoff kid says.

"Well, thanks, finally someone in this band who is NOT a jerk.." I say, buckling myself in.

"I'm not a jerk.." Niall says, "You hurt me!" he whines, then goes back to fighting with Suspenders kid over who farted.

"None of the boys are jerks, they just don't know how to act in public. Sorry, I really would like to know how I can make it up to you.." Liam says.

"It's fine, thanks... I'm Minnie, nice to meet you.." I say, and Liam and I shake hands, and then the ride starts. I scream throughout this ride, keeping my legs near Liam so Niall doesn't kick me. When the ride ends, I get off and leave and Niall comes up to me and says something I was not expecting.

"Look, we got off on the wrong foot, and I feel so terrible. Can I buy you some nachos and we can talk?" My mouth almost opened in shock.

"Uh, yeah, sure, okay.." I say. Niall tells the other boys where we're going, and we head off. After Niall orders three things of Nachos, two for him and one for me, we head over and down in the garden under a tree.

"So, I'm Niall, Niall Horan. What's your name?" Niall asks.

"I'm Minnie.. Minnie Davies." I say shyly, shoving a cheesy nacho in my mouth.

"You have.. cheese on your cheek.." Niall says between gags. I turn bright red and wipe it off awkwardly.

"There, it's gone.." Niall says with a smile.

"Are you okay..?" I ask him, noticing he had turned green, and now he is bright red.

"Yeah.." he says. We sit in silence munching on our nachos until the gardener comes over and threatens to kick us out if we don't get out of the garden. I sit there, and then Niall screams

"RUN!!!!!" and I laugh and he grabs my wrist and pulls me up and we start runnning. I trip and fall while Niall keeps running. He turns around and the smile wipes off his face. He runs over and helps me up.

"Are you okay, Minnie?" he asks me. I look up and his eyes are full of concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I say. We are uncomfortably close, our faces inches away. I back away and he lets go, and we stand there awkwardly.

"Uh.. We, uh, better go find the lads..." Niall says, and I quickly respond,

"Yeah." I say quietly, and we walk back.

"HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!????" Louis screams and winks at Niall.

"Uh..." I start, and Niall interrupts me.

"Yeah." he says and Louis stands there, weirded out by his response. I look over at Liam, and his dark brown eyes look very hurt and sad. He notices me looking and smiles at me. I smile back. Niall sees us and he puts his arm around my shoulder and pulls me next to him. I feel awkward... Liam shoots Niall a dirty look, and I just stand there, uncomfortably close to Niall... again...

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