Most Frightening Night


1. scary moments


  On Friday the 13th on Halloween, oh and by the way my friends name is Amber oh and my name is Jasmine, Amber is my best friend she is going trick or treating with me we are going to egg Damian L’s house he’s my friend at school we always play pranks on each other it’s a long story so I said to Amber lets go, but on the way a mysterious figure lurked throw the darkness as the figure got better to see we realised it was Damian with a pillow case over his shoulder. he had had too much sugar he went hypo we laughed and giggled what an idiot we said as Damian walked down the road we screamed someone pout a cloth over our mouths we past out..……….. We woke up in a dark room I had a deep ugly wound on my hand and leg Amber was past out still. OMG they got Damian to, I wonder how they got Damian? I heard the door open I pretended to still be passed out but I heard a girl scream it was Chloe my friend from school she is awesome.

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