One Thing

5 teenage boys, 5 normal lives, 5 normal girls. Brought together, to become a band. Follow their lives, before fame ever came, through One Direction


6. Chapter 6

(P.O.V Samantha)  I walked through the crowds of people dancing at the club; everyone looked at me and moved out my way. I did look amazing so I didn't expect anything else, and I was all Niall's at the moment anyway! Someone grabbed me,  “Samantha you are looking fit tonight.” I fluttered my eyelids and flicked my hair, so how many times had I been told that so far, 1... 2... Oh' yer 10 times! James pulled me in close to him, “Thank you James but I'm back with Niall, I told you that sweetie...” James sighed,  “He's not even here Samantha, anyway you told me you never...”  “Shhh! I know that but we are back together and I want to be May Queen so I need Niall.” I looked round but luckily no one had heard, I know it's mean... What am I saying I'm mean to everyone!  “Niall is a right idiot thinking you'd really go out with him!” We both laughed,  “Like I said, once the dance is over and I win, I will brake up with him.”  “Samantha, why him though?” There were many reasons, he buys me fab clothes, people love him which makes me more popular, many reasons...  “Because he is to stupid to see I'm using him and I'm not planning on buying my own dance dress.” I kept looking round just to check Niall hadn't come yet, James lent in and snogged me but I pushed him back.  “Not here, people will see. I'll see you later okay?” James scowled then understood what I was saying and laughed again. “So did you bring it?” James nodded and reached into a bag he was carrying and pulled out a bottle and a box and passed them to me. “You've drunk some of it.” James signalled me to put it away.  “Come on Sam, we are at a party.” I turned round to see Niall coming towards us, I glanced back at James before walking over to meet Niall. I felt sorry for him really... Oh' well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him...  


(P.O.V Niall)  “Hi Babes! Where were you?” Samantha wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her back, James was staring at us so I glared back. What was up with him? He laughed and walked into the crowds of teenagers, what an idiot!  “I was just getting ready, I came with Liam and we had to pick up Alice. Do you want me to take your bag and go find a locker? You will not be able to boggy!” How pathetic did that sound, boggy?! Seriously?! Samantha obviously thought the same as she nervously began to giggle.  “Erm... No it's okay.” She hung on tightly to the plastic bag and I could see she was beginning to feel uncomfortable.  “Samantha what's in there? What's so important?” She began to look around, and held the bag closer, something was up. I snatched it from her and opened it, there laying at the bottom was two large bottles of alcohol and some boxes of something else, which I couldn't even imagine what they were. Samantha snatched it back as I stood there stunned, I can't believe she would do this?  “Are you crazy Sam? I mean this is an underage night, if you get caught with that they'll arrest you!” Samantha glared at me,  “They're not even mine!” She laughed, “Who's then?” I can't believe this was actually happening, people were beginning to look.  “It doesn't matter... Come on Niall, live a little!” I could tell she'd already been drinking,  “Samantha, go on then! Go get caught but I'm not!” I turned round and began to walk away,  “Niall! How dare you brake up me you idiot! I need to be May Queen!” Hang on... She'd been using me the whole time, what a... Well a you know what! I can't believe I was so stupid... Samantha would never date anyone like me for real. I am so stupid!   


(P.O.V Louis)  So I guess Harry and Maisie were like a proper couple now, they were laughing and kissing over by the bar, and it was making me feel really strange seeing my best mate like, I was happy for him! I could see Niall pushing through the crowds, expecting Samantha to be following him but this time she wasn't and he was furious.  “Niall mate, are you okay?” Niall walked over to me, “Am I that stupid?” Okay Louis how do you answer this one?!  “Erm... No your are very clever?! Why?” Niall huffed, “Samantha has been using me all this time.” Well I didn't see that one coming!  “Samantha told me about what you did...” We both spun round to see James standing there, looking us up and down, another group of boys came up behind him. Niall stood completely still staring at them, this was not going to end well. “So I'm guessing good little Niall has run off to his mummy and daddy who have told the police?” What was going on? It couldn't of been just about Samantha using Niall any more. I looked around at everyone else in the club who had stopped dancing and began to slowly move away. James stepped forward and punched Niall on the arm, “I'll give you something to go to the police about.”   


(P.O.V Harry)  “Harry...” Maisie was no longer looking at me but somewhere in the club, she turned back to me, “Harry look!” I turned and scanned the whole club until I saw it, Niall being used as a human punching bag by James Dean. God! I could see blood pouring from Niall's face, as he was punched over and over again. I got up and began to walk over to them, no way was I going to let them get away with that.  “Harry be careful! Harry?” Maisie called after me but I could hardly hear her through the panic of the club.....  The next thing I knew I was shouting at James, I had become the punching bag, I fell to the floor as my mind went completely into darkness..

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