Whispers of the spirits

i am sofia since i was little i was a loner but always seemed to get friends somehow someone protects me and since the accident i ve changed its my first year of highschool now and theres something going on but i dont think i am the one....or so i thought.


1. odd dreams

i wake up look at my phone to know what day it is and the time its 12:43 September first i get out of bed and cheek to see if moms home her rooms empty she left a note saying 

sorry honey you were sleeping so soundly i didn't want to wake you up i had a late call for the control tower so i had to get up and go i left you some money for food love you-Mom

i smiled i got up and headed out for the pizza shop my mom wouldn't want me out this late but i feel as a bear who just got out of hibernation i grabbed my phone put the money in my jacket and headed out its really dark i can see the stars and i live in new york city westchester to be more exact so its a miracle to see the stars its really cloudy too i went on to cross the street and bang a car hit me i heard voices of young men i hope they weren't nut jobs or even worse drunks oh my god call 911 right now is she bleeding i tried to open my eyes but i couldn't is she going to be okay the last thing i heard were sirens and screaming and then something happen i woke up in a forest it was deserted but then i old women appeared Sofia Lynn pierce how do you know my name i screamed do you want to live this old women was scary she reminded me of a dog somehow fluffy old and sweet but still  looked like she could bite of course i wanna live is this heaven if this was a dream i wanted to wake up i shouted once more she was about 14 feet away from me she let out a smile ill let you live but it will be a curse and a blessing from the waist down you will be paralyzed and you will know about a secret that will define your life i just had an accident or did i lately i had alot of dreams like this but something always was the same as in my dreams always a warning for something or someone so i will take this offer seriously i couldn't leave my mom alone just like my father did if i had a chance to control my fate i would and i rather fight to the end then just give up what secret i asked ill give you new eyes and ill polish that ability that you always had she assured new eyes i whisperd what could that mean it will mean you will be able to hear and see spirits and you will be able to comunicate through dreams you see a long time ago i gave this option to a young women long ago and it was just a harmless option she could sacrifice heaven for life or life for heaven i gave her the talent to over see but she used this power for evil they used her power to make a portal they promised her power and fortune but instead when they got what they wanted they killed her instead of heaven she got hell you see why i took your legs i must take away something to insure you have all the power to fix the mess that amelia made i promise that your legs will start to work gradually why did you chose me why not the next person who might of died because you sofia are my ancester i am the guardian of the gates between hell and heaven begining and end you are the only one i would trust with this i am the one who should be paying for what amellia did but one day off for me means chaos i understand but what if i die again i asked take this she handed me a thin slave braclet made out of wood with a beautiful emerald ring the wood is made out of the wood eternal tree and the emerald stone for good health i tried it on its beautiful umm Aurora she notified will i be doing this alone i asked scared nope if you decide to accept there will be a boy Blaine Daniels who can also see and hear souls he has expireance so trust try to be his freinds like you he is a lone wolf he posess power mind control you will posess spirts of the wind one last question did you sabotage my death so you could do all this she stayed quiet for a moment Aurora i shouted something was going to happen like that to a friend of yours i saw how much you cared about her and changed the burden on to you what would of happen to her i asked rape and murder she replied Blaine was involved in the car accident he was in the car but he didint know till this morning i informed him in a dream how was the driver i asked linda miller one us she my assistent guardian she helps me with tasks like that she explained i accept the faith you have given me great ancester Aurora one last thing Blaine Daniels will be transfer to your school and you cant tell this secret to anybody except one person and one person only you have to show me they have your trust were will i be when i wake up i asked for the last time the emergency room at a hospital if you ever want to talk to me ask Blaine hes been doing this for a long time now so try to be his friend he maybe the only one you can talk to about this in a while hes been through this except alone wait in the real world there's such thing as law suits i remembered dont worry i trust that your mother will be compassionate because i remembered overseeing her she was a wild one and as long as your okay thats all that matters but anyways ill make sure to do some mind work she assured fine see you later grandma aurora and thank you so much for this chance i shouted.

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