I am in love with Niall

A young girl finds herself falling in love for the very first time with a singer of a boy band named Niall Horan. Will he fall for her, too. Or will fame take it's place......


1. Tweets

I was on my iPhone checking out my twitter, when a new tweet popped up. IT WAS NIALL!!!

--The first person to comment on this, I will Follow, Message, and ask you a question:)--

I commented as fast as I could.


OMG!! I was the first to commment!!!! I turned off my phone to take a shower, maybe by the time I get out he will be following me?


I was all dressed and checked my iPhone it said I had 1 NEW MESSAGE. 1 NEW FOLLOWER. On twitter. I got on.

Niall Horan- Congrats love u were the first to comment!!!

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