Never knew this could happen

Sarah Garica a smart and independent high schooler who has ambitions of being a songwriter/singer ,she enter a contest sponcered by 1D ,some of her wildest dreams come true , some where along the way she strikes up a friendship with 1D but she also falls head over heels for one the boy named, niall


17. Rehearsal

When I woke up it was 1:37. It takes me about 10 minutes to get to kyles house so I had to go now. I put my shoes on and i walked downstairs to get my guitar.I then walked out to my car.When I got to Kyles house the band was all ready .''  You ready?'' Kyle asked.

''Not yet, I have to tune my guitar.'' I replied.

I took my guitar out of its case and sat down on Kyles couch . It took me about 5 minutes to tune my guitar. '' Ok now im ready''. i said jumping up off Kyles couch.

Kyle had his camera and the band was ready to play.When the song opened i was so scared to sing ,it came to my turn and i just couldnt sing at all . Kyle put down his camera and looked at me .'' Sarah , you ok?'' He asked.

I ran out the room . Kyle followed me to his kitchen. '' What happen back there?'' he asked.

''I,I dont know I just froozed.'' He just laughed, which made me mad.'' Why are you laughing?'' I yelled .

he was still laughing. I just stood there confused. ''You have stage fright, you goof.'' he said trying to stop laughing.

Was it true, did I have stage fright ? For so many years that I have been singing I never knew that I had stage fright.I guess I was out cold thinking about my stage fright , because Kyle snapped his finger in my face.''Hey its ok , it was just a few people. I knew it was just a few people , but its people who judge the most and that rehearsal was going to be all over the internet.

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