What headache is in the mind of me :)


1. If headache ...


If headache was a picture,

it would be crazy and wild,

and if it was a text,

it would be twisted and unreadable.


If headache was a person,

he would be insane and otherwordly ugly,

and if headache was a bomb,

it would be Big Bang as its biggest.


If headache had a name,

everyone would hate it,

and if it ever smiled,

it would be evil and ugly.


If headache ever had a figure,

it would be all holes and hard edges,

and if it was a thing,

it would be large and precisely sharp.


If headache had a voice,

it would be shrill and nasal,

and if it ever lived,

it would be in narrow, dark places.


If headache ever sang,

my ears would fall off,

and if I was a mirror,

I would shatter like in cartoons.


If headache was a word,

it would be a blank hole in the paper,

and if it ever cried,

nuclear wars would be extinct.


If someone ever used,


as a weapon,

I would lay down, 

whatever was in my hands,

and run away like a coward.


If headache ...

If headache...

... If headache was swearing, I would personally forbid it...

... and if you headachingly headache me, you'll hear from my lawyer.






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