So I Did

A short poem explaining how one disastrous act, caused by something seemingly harmless, can turn out the worst for everybody... (My second entry for the poetry competition. My first entry, and the positive feedback I got from it, persuaded me to write more. I am still open to all constructive criticism or advice anyone has to give me.)


1. -



As the life stills,

And air chills,

The gaping floor before me,

Now stares my soul directly,

As if taunting it to fall.

So it will.


As the sun dies,

And birds fly,

The scarlet streams inside me,

Now scream their a-quickened pleas,

As if wanting this to stop.

So it will.


I, not caring to look down,

You, not daring to look up.

They wish me into stillness.

They wish me upon darkness,

So I do.




Passion’s burning.

Throat pains,

Burst veins,

A change of ways.


You wanted me to go,

To leave this world alone,

So I did.



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