diary of a normal teenager

sandy has been normal as long as she can remember, beauty people will kill for and her most cherished possession,her writing and her diary, but a freak accident changes everything,as she narrates to us through her diary found by clara,her supposed daughter....
actually, my pathetic attempt at writing.


1. my 14th birthday

People are usually woken up by the sound of chirping birds on their 14th birthday but no, as long as granny existed, i will always be woken by the sound of the alaram ringing in my ears, a gift presented to me on my 7th birthday.Not all people appreciate this but which stone-hearted person will say no to a gift presented by 60 year old lady? The welcome smell of pancakes invites me into the kitchen,the good part is,granny is the best cook in the world after mom,i like to say it that way as i won't want to underestimate her.i have never seen her. My own mom is a mystery to me. Granny says she died in a freak accident 14 years ago, my birthday,also her birthday.My dad has been lost ever since.Sad story of an orphan.

"Clara", she says, interrupting my flashback,"your friends will be arriving at 6 o'clock i suppose?"

"yes they will be."

"good,you have time, i need you to clean the basement, i will come to check in exactly 2 hrs from now, eat you breakfast and then you may begin the work." 

Grumpily, i finished the ever delicious pancake, took a broom and went to work.

A nice way to begin the 14th year of a girl's life.Thanks a whole lot granny.These are my basics.  


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