Believe in love

This story is not mine! I got it off of instagram. If you want to find it on instagram the tag is #believeinlovefanfic :)


1. Chapter 1

Natasha's POV:

   "Nite!" you say to your boss, Michelle as you walk out of the restaurant with your best friend Hannah. You quickly count your tips hoping it would be enough to add to all of the money you two have been saving at the restaurant. You guys have dreamed of going to Cali ever since you guys were little. It would be a great get-a-way from your little home town. Both of you gave up your weekends to earn babysitting money hoping you would earn enough. Working double, sometimes triple shifts for months. As you finish counting your tips, you look up to see you friend with the biggest grin ever standing in front of a beautiful sports car. "What the? Haa-anah.. Wha-aat is this?!" you say in shock. "Relax it's a rental car for our trip." Hannah says smiling. She gives you the keys and you laugh sitting in the front seat. "This is AMAZING! Ho-oow?" you say with your mouth wide open "My dad." She says with a small smile. That explains it. Hannah's father is a plastic surgeon. He would've  helped us earn money for the vacation but your moms wanted to teach you the importance of responsibility and blahblahblahblah. You start the engine and gasp. "Your dad is awesome." you say grinning really big but when you look at your best friend her smile has faded. "Natasha?" Hannah says quietly. "yes?" "Do you really think we'll ever meet One Direction?" Hannah says sadly frowning. "Hannah don't ever lose hope okay? Please don't talk like that. Besides you are the most awesomest, funniest, and most amazing girl I know. What's there not to love about you! And you always have to believe in love." you say sincerely. "Really?" Hannah says giggling. "Yeah but your still extremely crazy." you say laughing. You and Hannah burst out laughing and race to your house blasting music singing "More Than This" at the top of your lungs. You can tell with your bestest friend in the whole wide world by your side... this vacation will be amazing! And who knows. Maybe a little life changing :)

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