A Summer To Rember

Tori is a 17 year old girl, her 19 year old cousin, Ariana Grande has a friend, named Niall, Niall Horan, VIA her brother Frankie. Tori's 13 year old sister LOVES ONE DIRECTION. Why Tori has never seen anything but there one song what makes you beautiful. When she meets Niall on a vacation at Niall's house, what will happen. Will she fall for him? Or will he fall for her? Will nothing happen at all, find out in A Summer To Remember.


1. To Ariana's House

||Toris Pov||

"Sweetie! We have to go we are already late!" My mom yelled up the stairs "Ok mom! Let me finish putting my makeup on, god." I replied to her. I finished rubbing the dark purple eyeshadow on. It looked crappy. I took a makeup cloth and wiped some off, and ran down the stairs. "Ready?" My mom asked rushing me out the door. Today we were going to my cousin Ariana's house. The only problem was we had to take a plane to LA. Ariana was 19 and I was 17 almost 18. "Bri! Time to go!" my mom yelled to my little sister she was 13 and the most annoying thing ever to live. "One sec mommy!" she screamed down the stairs. My parents were divorced. They have been since I was 5 just around when Bri was born. I guess it was just too much for them. I heard a banging of stairs. Bri was coming down "ready!!!" she can down wearing makeup and a adult clothes. "No your not, Tori, take her upstairs makeup off and clothes appropriate." I took her makeup off went into her closet and took out a outfit. Shorts, T-shirt, hoodie... One direction hoodie. Of coarse I have to have the fangirling wanna-be sister. I mean I've heard one song what makes you beautiful... I mean that song was okay but not he best but okay. I seems like she doesn't realize, she will never meet them. We walked down the stairs. "Time to goto LA" I said walking outside.
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