The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


4. The "Date"

 Sarah's POV


I went into their hotel. "Hey Come This Way." Niall Said "Okay I'm Coming." i Said We Walked Into His Room "So This Is Where Our Date is Going To Be." i Said With A Smirk "Yeah i Thought We Would Watch A Movie." He Said "Oh Okay What Movie Then?" Uhmm i Was Thinking A Scary One." He Said "Oh just Telling You Now I Might Get A Little Scared." "It's Alright You Can Lean On Me." He Said With A Slight Smile "Okay If You Say I Can." I Said Smiling "How About Paranormal Activity 3?" He Asked "Sure." He put The Movie in the Blu-ray player. We Both Sat On The Bed Slightly Close. He Gave Me Butterflies. The Movie Started. After Awhile I Jumped And Niall Just Laughed At Me. I Pushed His Shoulder Playfully. He Smiled At Me. He Moved Slightly Closer to Me. Through The Movie I Jumped and Gasped A Lot. Niall just Smiled At Me. When The Movie Was over He Said "That Wasn't That Scary Was It?" He Smiled "uhm Not Really." i Lied "So Are You Hungry Love?" He Asked Me "Uhmm A Little." Wait Hold On Did He Just Call Me Love? He Probobly Calls A Lot of People That. So i just Shrugged It Off. "Come On Then." He Said. I Walked Over To Him "What Do You Want?" He Asked Me. "Well Whatever Your getting." i Smiled "Okay Then." He ordered Room Service. He Got Chicken Alfredo. After We Finished Eating We Went And Sat With The Boys In The Living Room. "So Sarah Tell Me About You." Harry Said Smiling At Me. "Well What Do You Want To Know Harry." i Smiled Back "Anything. Like What Do You Like To Do." He Asked "Well I Like To Sing, And Play piano, But i Cant play Piano Very Well" I Said Shyly "Can You sing For Us?" Liam Asked "i'd Rather Not." I Said looking At The Floor. it Got Quiet. It Was Already 10. I Yawned. "Are You Tired?" Niall Asked Me. "A Little Bit." I Said Looking into His Beautiful Blue Eyes. "Well Then Come On Then." 

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