The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


1. 1st Week in London

Sarah's POV


Finally had got to my hotel. As i got my stuff in my room i felt hungry, and it was only 2 PM. I put On The Up All Night Album in My Headphones walked down to the lobby. i got a cab and asked what the best restraunt was. He Said "nandos" I said "okay take me there!"


He Dropped me off At the restraunt. i got out and Noticed An irish accent. I thought no it couldnt be Niall so i just shrugged it off, but i Went in sat in a seat and looked up, and notice that it really was Niall Horan! i couldnt decide weather i should go over there or just keep sitting here. i half decided when niall looked up at me and i couldnt help but smile we shared glances every once in a while. i decided i should go say hi. i got up and went over there i said "hi I'm Sarah." He Said "I'm Niall" i couldnt help but say "iknow" it got quite awkward so i decided to go back to my table when i heard him say "Do you want to sit here?" i said "Are you sure?" he said yes i am. so I decided to sit down. We talked for a while telling about ourselves. He said "you Are a fan of one direction?" i said "Yes of course!" He said "Your just not acting like any other fan" "i guess i just always told myself i would never fangirl in front of you guys." He said "oh" in confusion "Yeah I take you guys as normal people." hes Said "We Dont Have very many fans like that." "Yeah i guess im just different." i winked at him and smile "Well Are We going to eat anything or are we just gonna sit here all day?" his irish accent made me have butterflies. "I guess maybe we should eat." he said "yeah" then we ordered our food and ate it. Niall Ate a lot as i expcted him to. He said " Are you new in london?" i Said "Yes" He asked "would you like me to show you around?" "only if you want to." He said "Yeah i want to." he Smiled.





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