Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


18. Sister Crazyness


Stepping out of the car, the building that I wanted to stay far from was now the only thing I could see right in front of me. I walked into the room, everything was the way I remembered, the cream color chairs where line up the wall, the two plants that sat in the corns looked a bit died and the same painting I use to stair at was greeting me once again. There were only two new things in this room, the magazines and the lady behind the counter. I walked up to her just as she was hanging up the phone.
            "Hello, may I help you?"
            "Yes, umm, Dr. Masson wanted to see me."
            "Let me see..."
            I wait for what seemed like hours but that was just me; me not waiting to be here.

            "Mss. Abbey!" I spun around and was greeted with a smiling face. Dr. Masson once long hair was now cut to her shoulders. And her blues eyes shined. Today she had on a white doctor coat; last time I had seen her she had on a pink one.
            "Hi..." I said "You wanted to see me?"
            "Yes, please follow me." she headed down a hall, into the first room on the right.
            "I just wanted to see why you had a panic attack? And if every thing is okay?"
            "I'm fine; really, I don't know why Ana called" I was cut off.
            "She cares about you and by the noise I heard in the background she wasn't the only one." she eyed me.
            "I have..." I didn't want to say that I have one of the hottest boy bands staying with me "a few friends staying with me." I then went on telling her about the tickle attack and the running to the bath then the whole blacking out thing.
            "Well" she started saying “it just sound like you got lack of air to your brain witch might have kicked in the panic attack but I'm not sure."
            I was afraid she was going to say she wanted to find out.
            "But to me it just sounds like I said lack of air."
            "So you think everything is fine?"
            "Yeah, I do. Do you?"
            "Yes! And I'm really happy where my life is at right now."
            She looked up from writing some notes and smiled at me.
            "One more thing?" I was hoping it wasn't going to be things that were in my pass.
            "How's the family thing?" I was token back; I thought she was going to ask about him. One the reason I started seeing her about a year ago.
            "Good, my sister is coming and seeing me this weekend!" I didn't put in the part about it being with five guys; I didn't feel she needs to know.
            "I'm glad to hear that." She wasn't you average doctor she is also a therapist too. She was and one other person was the only two who worked here. It wasn't every known.
About ten minutes later we said our goodbyes. Everything was fine just as I knew it would be.


            I parked the car then realizing, how hungry I was. I took up the stairs, it's a good work out plus it is only a few flights up. My Hot Chelle Rae right tone went off making my jump. I read the name that popped up. 'lil sis' if she knew that's what she was her name in my phone she wouldn't be happy.
            "Yes my dear?" I answered while I unlock the door.
            "I wanted to let you know that I'll be their Friday afternoon!"
            "Okay, what time dose your flight get in?" I said pushing the door slowly getting ready to tell the guys to get quite but to my surprise no one was there.
"One second let me lookn' see." I could hear her move things around.
            I begin walking down the hall but stopped right away because I could hear someone singing. I froze, not knowing who it was. By the looks I thought all the guys where out; Ana didn't sing like that and her boyfriend can't sing. I started looking for the voice, soon to found it was coming from Ana's room. Closer I got the loader it got. The voice was smooth, beep but soft at the same time.
            "Abs?" my sister started talking "Are you playing One Direction?" she was giggling.
            "You know them?" I asked pulling up my eyebrows. Placing my hand on the door I slowly pushed the door open. A curly haired guy was still singing; he had no clue I was there. And thank goodness he had bottoms on. My sister's voice rang in my eyes as she went on about how much she really loved them. While, I slowly creped up behind him, as I got closer I could see that his hair was wet. I quickly slipped my hand over his mouth.
"Bloody..." he began to say but I push my hands harder over his mouth and made an 'sshh' sound. All he did was lift an eyebrow at me.
            "Wait" my sister said "Who was that and what happened to singing?"
            "I have a friend over and he was singing with the t.v." I lied
            "I didn't hear any t.v.?" I know she wasn’t going to believe me. "Plus your 'friend' sounds a lot like Harry!" I know she must be smiling.
            "So, you really are a huge fan of One Direction, sis?" when I said the word 'sis' Harry's eyes gotten bigger. I knew the answer must be yes; but I waited to teases Harry's. 'Haha' pay back isn't very nice, now is it! A puzzled face grows upon his. 
            "Yeah." she said softly in a dreamland voice.
            "Not really huh?" I said Harry's face grow more puzzled.
            "I didn't say that!" she yelled at me.
            "So, who's your favorite?" I could help but giggle. With Harry only hear half of what was being said he was more confused now. In the back of my head I found myself thinking, anyone but Zayn, anyone one but Zayn... Why was I thinking that?
            "Harry!" great why him; at less it’s not Zayn I could help but think.
            "The blond one?" I asked knowing all well it wasn't; doing my best not to burst out laughing. Harry was now more confused then ever. I stilled had my hand over his mouth; not wanting to take the chance of him to say anything.
            "No." she said dragging the 'ooo' out "He's the curly haired one.” she said like everyone in the world knew this. She was seventeen; we are only a few years apart. She’s in her last year of high school. And yet she’s has had more boyfriends then me but she never really acts for age.
            "Okey, okay."
            "Well, sis I have to go."
            "Yeah, go and be with your mystery 'friend'" she said.
            "Love ya !" I said singing the 'aaa' part out.
            "You too!" she said I thought she was about to hang up; so I moved my hand from his mouth. When out of know where he sings out a load note. My hand whipped back up smacking his mouth a little too hard.
            "What was th-"
            "I got to go... By!" I hanged up.

            I glared had Harry.
            "What?" he smiled a crocked smiled. I rolled my eyes and started walking out.
            "So was that your sister?" well I did call her sis a few times right; I felt like saying. I just keeled walking I could hear his foot steps behind me.

            "Where did the guys go?"
            "They let for food."
            "We just went shopping and they went out for food?" I said rolling my eyes
"Yeah, well we wanted Chinese."
"They better bring me back something; haven't eaten all day." it was Thursday, we had no work until Monday. Everything was coming up; buses, hotel rooms, gigs, interview; now comes my part getting them there on time and keeping the out of trouble.
            Plopping myself on the couch, so did Harry. I turned the T.V. on, not sure what to watch.
"Stop!" Harry's voice ran thought the room, scaring me.
"Go back" Harry spoke "keep going... there!" he said. I look to see where he told me to stop. It was movie; it was some kind of love story; one I haven't seen yet; plus after last night I didn't feel like a love story.
"I don't wait to watch this." I whined
"It's a great one!" total shock look on his face.
"Fine…" I said it only took a few seconds before I was up and heading to the kitchen. I made the choice to get something to eat; I mean I don't even know if there bring anything back for me. I hadn't even made the choice of what to eat when the front door banged open. Guessing that the guys are back.

            I turned around just got done washing out my glass. Moving back around Zayn had just walked in, two bags of food in hand. He stopped and smiled at me; I did the same.
            "Take a photo" Louis smiled "its less creepy, than just standing there starting at each others." he had a hug studied smile on his face. Zayn rolled he eyes and place the food one the contour; sitting down on the stool. I sat a cross from him.
            "Abbey!" Nialls voice filled the room sounding like a little kid.
            "Niall!" I said back in tone, causes chuckles to be hear from around the room. He can and sat next to me. Dropping an arm around my shoulders.
            "So..." he said in his thick Irish voice "How was your day?"
            "Good, although the shirtless Harry is something I didn't need."" I said not stopping myself from laughing a bit. The word 'shirtless' made Zayn snap his head up from his plate he was fixing.
            "So... How was your guy’s day?"
            "Quite good!" Louise spoke first. The others mumbled well, good, fine; while they had their mouth stuffed. I went to look at Zayn but he wants there. But to my surprise he handed me a plate. I smiled at him; he returned it back.
            "While I guess I know who the gentleman is out if you guys."
Zayn gave me a bigger smile that made my knees go weak, good thing I was sitting. I was a nice quite after that. Hot Chelle Rae's 'I like it like that' filled the air. The guys stopped eating, well not Niall he just looked up at me. I opened the text it read:

'See, this one is Harry! How could you not know that?'

Then it showed a smiley face of a curly hair.

            I blasted put laughing. Harry in the photo looked just like the guy sitting in the same room as me. The guys just sat there looking at me.

            "Sorry, it's just...My sister" I wasn't sure how to tell them so I just showed them the text. First handing it to Zayn who's fingers brush mine sending a bit of heat to my face. Zayn pasted it to Niall, then to Laim then to Louis and then finally to Harry. His eye lit up.
            "So you where taking about me?"
The guys looked loss about what Harry had just said.
            "Well not just you... But yes that's what my sister and I was talking about." adding the last bit so the others would understand.
"I'm I her favorite?" said Harry in a cheeky voice. I felt like saying in your dreams but I bet he would have a come back to that.
            "I'm not telling, plus she doesn't even know about my new job, or you guys... at all." I could see a bit of hurt in there faces, so I made up a reason why.
            "I, I wanted to tell my sister first and because she coming this weekend I made the choice to wait." they didn't seem do believe me so I add.
            "Plus if my parents found out about you guys" I pointed my fingers at them all    

            "Where staying here or about the beach house they wouldn’t let her come even if she is almost eighteen." and that's the truth ; popping a bit of food into my mouth. I looked up, forgetting that I handed the guys my phone, Harry was clicking away.
            "Hey, what are you doing?" I asked reaching for my phone. Right when I grabbed I saw that it was calling someone.
            "Hey!" I could hear them say.
The phone flies to my ear.
            "Hey, sis!" I said getting up and about to leave the kitchen when I see Harry blocking the door way.
            "What are you doing?" I mouth to him. All he dose is smile; making me want to smack that smile right of his face.
            "Abs?" my sister asked
            "Umm, yeah you forgot to tell me what time you’re getting in?" I quickly remember.
            "Oh, yeah; around twelve."
            "Ok, see you then!"
            Right then I Harry opens his mouth and starts singing. My hand flies to him mouth once aging. And to my surprise, I could hear another voice joining in. 
            "Who's there?" I turn and glare at the person where the voice is coming from, it was Louis. Surprise, surprise. 
            "No one, I'm on YouTube." I said butting my lip.
            "Your YouTubing them?" I could hear her giggle.
            "No, I'm not YouTubing One Direction!" You could still hear Louise sing in the background. I glare at him some more. That just made him start singing loader.
            "I'm not, I have to go!" I said rolling my eyes "bye!" I said slapping the phone shut. I whipped around looking Louis then turning back to Harry.
            "What that hell, Harry?" I yelled a little loader them I mean to. I went and sat back down at my plate. I could hear the guys still snickering. A newspaper sat on the table I rolled it up, leans over and popped Louis on the head.
            "Well, that's what you get!"

            The night can to an end with us watching T.V. I was sitting in the middle of Zayn and Niall. I was try to stay up until Ana got home. Ana and I always pick up my sister together. My eye where getting heavy, my head heard to hold up. I couldn't take it my head slipped to the side on to someone's shoulder  but it didn’t feel right, I could feel the head turn not sure if they where looking at me or not. I was trying not to fall asleep even more now. I lifted my head back up but my eyes didn't open; trying to keep my head. My head now moved to the right. I could fell the warmth. Who even it was didn't tense up instead they wrapped their arm around me. I took a deep breath and let it out. I could hear who even I was resting chuckle to themselves. This felt right and I fell sleepier now.

            "Abbey?" someone was speaking. I opened my eyes to see someone kneeing in front of my. I could feel the sun shine though the windows. Moving up I found that I was in the same place as where I feel sleep; looking right I realized that the person I had fallen asleep on was Zayn. Heat fled to my face. He was sitting in the same place as when I placed my head on him last night.
            "Abbey?" it hits me that it's a girls voice specking.
            Ana's hair was now clipped back, she had soft brown lip-gloss on. Here eyes moved between Zayn and I witch made my face heat up more.
            "Huh?" remember that she was the one that woke me up.
            "What time do we get Allison?"
            What she said did not hit me right away. I just sat there looking at her. Allison? What it she talking... Oh wait today is Friend! I run my hand throughout my hair.
            "Where's my phone?" man I was hopping Harry didn't have it but now that I think about it; it was locked so it was no use to him. She point right next to Zayn; it was right by his hand. I slowly move to get my phone. I tried my best not to touch him fingers as I pick it up but no luck. My finger brushed the side of him hand witch caused him to mumble something. I turned it on and seen that it was eleven. I jumped as I said
            "She's going to be there a little before twelve!"
            "Go get ready!"
            "I'm going, I'm going!" as I did I tripped over the table making me crash on the floor with a huge crashing sound. Zayn fly up and starting looking around. For a second he looked a bit loss. Then his eyes moved over to me.  I couldn't help but laugh and Ana was sitting on the floor laughing so hard her face was turning red. I could hear the other guys looked for where the crashing sound had come from. Zayn chuckled to himself as he can other; offering me his hand. He pulled me start up so where we only a few inches apart.
            "You okay?" he asked tucking some hair behind my hair.
"Yeah…" I managed to say being the close was making me nerves. He sent me a smile but before I could give him a smile back I could hear someone clear there throat. Making me jump back from Zayn. I know I must still be blushing. I looked around to fine ever eye looking between me and Zayn.
            "Umm, I tripped... He was just helping me... Umm, I got get ready." I don't know my I was trying to explain myself, we weren't doing anything. I was about to head pass the guys when I forgot I to tell him thank you.
            "Thank you, Zayn." I gave him a small smile. As I walked past Niall he lifted his eyebrows at me. Witch made me smile; so I playfully popped him on the arm.

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