Never Know (1D Fanfic)

It all started when I was late for a work meeting to covering myself and and a stranger in coffee.... A trip home that wouldn't leave me the same person; all with a dash of drama! All while working for One Direction!


1. Coffee


I can't believe this is happening everything is going wrong. I'm late, coffee is cold and now I'm lost. I have only worked here a few weeks; and most likely my last.  

As I try to look at my phone to see how late I am. I run right into someone. As I look up about ready to scream when I see that I happened to cover him in more coffee then myself. His gray sweater now has a huge wet spot the size of a football on it. His reddish pants were a bet wet too. He must have been moving just as fast as me; or maybe even faster. He helps me pick up the empty cups and coffee covered papers. It hit me that I haven't said a word.  

"Sorry." I say I began to stand up as my shoe slips in the coffee and I'm about to held back down; when he grabs my arm and stops me from lading back in to the coffee pound.  

"I should be the sorry one." he said with a British accent.

"Well, I guess we're both are sorry."  

He smiles a little smile. I seem my phone on the ground and pick it up. Seeing the time I realized that I'm even later then I've ever been. The meeting as already started and I'm going to be jobless. Looks like I switched to an online college for no reason. I look to see he's still standing here. We just look at each other for a moment before I made the choice to say something. 

"Thanks." Thanks that's the best I could come up with. You're such an idiot.  

"No problem." Once again it was back to being quite. I knew I couldn't stay any long, but something was holding me there.  

"I have to go, I'm sorry once again." he said looking down at his watch.  

"Same here." I said. I stud there tipping my head up so that the light was glaring in my eye. Realizing that he could look back I fly my head strait; seeing little stars for the moment. I blinked a few time then looked to see if he was looking. He was, as soon as I knew this I took off. Carefully going around the new coffee floor.  

He was most likely just one of these office guys son, just wasting time, goofing off.  

Knowing the chances of seeing him was slim. That made me feel a bit better, knowing I'll never have to face him, after covering him and myself in coffee. But there was something about him. Shaking these thoughts from my mind I made my way back to the front office. I showed the lady with blond hair my pass and asked her where I should go.  

"What room was it?" she asked 

"Room 127."  

"Ok, I'll mark it one a map"  

She takes a hot pink pen and draws a line from the office to room 127. I look over my papers and see what ones are wet and so glad that I had asked them for fourteen copies because the top copy was covered in coffee; I shoved it into my bag. She handed the map; as I looked it over all together there are three rights, two lefts and up one leave. No wonder I couldn't find it. This places it huge. As I enter the hall that the room is on I remember I'm cover in coffee. I take off my black button up top and toss it in the trash can; I didn't like it much any more. Great, my boss is going to love my black under shirt and the smell of coffee.  

As I opened the door, the last thing I thought I would see was the guy I spilt coffee all over sitting in the room. When it hit me, I was about to head out and not even thinking about looking back. That's when I heard my boss.

"Abbey?" great, now everyone was looking at me. Be strong I tell myself as I turned back around.

"Good morning, Miss."  

"Was it wash day or something." She said looking at my outfit. I could feel my face become a bit red. Great, I looked up and said.  

"Or something" I said with a smile  

I looked around everyone was one looking at me. The guy, who I gave a coffee shower, was looking at me with a small smile, like he couldn't believe the odds. 

"Well, now that your here, can you pass out the papers?" Not saying anything, I start handing out the paper. As I get to the end I trip over my own feet, I hear a few giggle. Great make an even bigger idiot out of yourself. The only set that was opened was right across from him.  

"So know that we are all here, let's get to know everyone's names." I don't know what this meeting was about I wasn't to read the paperwork, not intel the meeting; that is. I was the third to go, first was Jason, then Madison,  

"I'm Abbey" I said looking down at the table. I looked up to see that he was looking at me but then looked away when he noticed I was looking at him.  

There was about four other people before it got to the over side of the table.  

"I'm Liam." Said a guy with a kinda dark hair and soft brown eyes.  

"I'm Louis."  Said a messy drake hair and a smile that made him look so sweet.  

"Harry." Said a head was full of nothing but curls.  

Next was the blond hair guy with the bright blue eye.  

"I'm Niall." He said. His voice was different then the others, he was Irish.  

There was only one person left; the guy I dumped coffee on.  

"I'm Zayn." It looked like he was looking right at me when he said that but I must be tricking myself. After about an hour or so the meeting is over with. The meeting was about papers that need to be sign that had to do with the company. Once the meeting got going I learned that, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn are all part of a group called One Direction. Who, had been on a British sing show. As the meeting went on many things were talked about. Style, music, interviews, stuff like that.  

As the meeting came to an end all I could think of was getting out of here.  

"Last but not less, I'm going to hire someone to help you guys, stay up with everything. Help you guys in anyway." My boss said. 

"Will they travel with us, things like that?" asked Liam  

"Yes, they will. They'll also handle all shows, interviews, fan stuff, you get the point."  

"Sweet." said Harry. 

"Good, now I think that's all?" she looks around "Great, this meeting is over with, see you guys next time."  

As the five guys get up to leave, Zayn smiles at me. I smile back but all can think is will you go already!  


"Yes, Miss." Believing I know the next worlds. 

"I would like to offer you that job."

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