Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


26. Questions

Harry's Pov 

She leans up and pecks me on the lips before shoving me toward the door and the devil. This is going to be hell. 

I brush past Kath, not even bothering to look at her and walk on to the porch, dragging my feet. If I had the choice of listening to Niall fangirl over Justin Bieber for a full day, or spend five minuets with the gremlin, (I can't believe I thought of that. Thats accurate and funny, something Im not usually good at. From here on, in my head, Katherine is the gremlin) I'd chose Niall in heartbeat. That's how much I'm looking forward to spending time with her. 

I bound up the two cracked, cement steps on to her front porch and open the door, hearing the gremlin (Haha..) behind me. 

"Well, are you just gonna fucking stand there, or are you going to be a gentleman and hold open the door for me?"

"I only open the door for ladies, sorry. Ask me again when your boobs come in" I snap back, matching her sarcastic tone. 

She glances down at her chest and glares at me. She shoves me out of the way and I don't try and hide my satisfaction. A huge smile spreads on my face and I laugh a little. I will be getting shit later from Maddie, but it was so worth it. 

She opens the door and walks in, muttering under her breath. 

"...fucking, dick-sucking, prick.." is all I catch and my satisfaction grows as I walk in and shut the door behind me. 

The long, grey, hallway leading to the living room is dim and eerie. I see an indent in the painted, dark gray, wall and run my finders over it. I don't even think I want to know what happened. I run my fingers over it a little more and discover its about the size of a fist. 

I gently place my curled up hand in to the dent and an image of Maddie nearly missing a swing from Ryan flashes into my mind. I rest my fore head on the cool wall and try to push the horrible image out of my head. 

It's over. It's all over. Ryan's locked up and Maddie is safe with me, and will be even safer back home. 

"Harry? You alright?" 

I jump at the sound of Kaths voice and push myself off the wall. She standing at the end of the hallway and all I can see is her dark silhouette, and black shadow cast over the hallway. 

"Yeah. I just.. Don't like being here." 

She nods her head and looks around for a moment. 

"Yeah, I know" she says quietly.

We both stand motionless, staring at each other. This girl might not be as bad as I thought. She clearly cares about Maddie, and that's all I could really ask for in her friend selection. I'll lighten up a little bit, give her a chance. 

She turns and strides into the living room and follow behind her. She's plops down in the middle of the floor and whips out her phone. I wonder of she has twitter. I'll have to make sure to follow her if she does. 

I make my way over to the recliner and slide down into it, also pulling out my phone. I go on twitter and see I've lost almost two thousand followers. That's cool. Unfollow me because I fell in love. Real nice. 

I wonder if I should check my mentions. I don't think I'm going to like what I see. I reluctantly tap over to my mentions anyway and read a few. 

@HarryStyles really? I just seen a pic of  ur gf and she's ugly as fuck. You can do better babe <3

@HarryStyles don't worry guys we all Larry is going strong Eleanor and dis new girl watevr da fuk her name is is ugly as SHIT 

@HarryStyles she's fucking ugly and fat Harry! Please dump her! 

@HarryStyles OMG! You guys are so cute together! She's so pretty! Please tell her I said that Harry! I love you! <33 

My lips turn up and I click on the tweet to respond. 

@stylesSelection Thanks, love! I'll make sure she knows. Much love! xxx 

I retweet the girls tweet and follow her. She is a true directioner. All the girls that tell me, or Maddie, she's ugly or fat or not good enough, they're not directioners. 

I turn off twitter and shove my mobile back into my pocket. Kaths sprawled out on the floor with her mobile a few feet away from her. 

"Do you get on twitter a lot?" 

I flick my eyes toward her and shrug my shoulders. 

"Ehm, I don't know. I get on, like, once every few days? Yeah.. Basically every few days." 

She sits up and crosses her legs, facing me. Her hands fall into her lap and innocent curiosity fills her face. 

"Do you get a lot of hate?" 

Do I get a lot of hate? I suppose I do. A lot of people don't like me and I'm not sure why. A lot of people also think I can't sing. I think out of all the lads, either Niall or Zayn get the most hate unfortunately. 

Zayn gets a lot because of his religion and that really pisses me off. To hate some one solely on what they believe in? Disgusting.

And I can't really figure out why people hate Niall. He's never done anything mean or wrong and he's adorable and truly talented. People don't seem to understand that we love Niall just as much as we love the other boys, if not more. 

"Ehm, yeah, I guess you could say I get a lot of hate. We all do. But for every hateful tweet we get, we get like ten tweets telling us how amazing we are." 

She nods her head again, absorbing the words. She places her chin in her hands and stares at me. 

What is she doing? She doesn't look pissed or annoyed like she normally does. 

She suddenly looks down and takes a deep breath. 

"I'm sorry I've been such a bitch to you. I truly do admire and love you and the other boys and if Maddie has to date anybody I'm so glad it's you. Your everything she needs in her life right now, love, comfort, security. Your her rock and I'm truly and utterly happy for you guys." 

What? Did she really just say that? I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I'm utterly speechless. 


The door slams and I turn toward the hallway, catching Kath lay back out in the corner of my eye. Maddie storms in to the room and glances at both of us. Her cheeks are red and fire burns in her eyes. 

I've never seen her this mad. It's a little sexy. 

She shakes her head ever so slightly and  starts to pace, clenching and unclenching her hands. What the hells got her so pissed? Someone really fucked up.

I turn toward Kath, questioningly, and raise an eyebrow. Maybe she has some clue to what's got her so mad. She flicks her eyes toward Maddie, and shrugs her shoulders, pulling out her phone. 

All of a sudden, it hits me. Zayn! Whatever she talked to Zayn about really really pissed her off. What could he have possibly done? 

Said something about Kath or Michael? Insulted her mom? Brought up Ryan? 

No! Zayn would never do or say anything to hurt her. So why is she so mad then? 

"Is it safe to ask why your mad yet?" I ask cautiously. The last thing I want is her to freak out. 

She whips her head around and glares at me. I don't think it was safe yet. 

Her hands ball up into a fist as she stomps over to me, stopping inches in front of me. 

She runs her tongue over her teeth (her being pissed is now in my top turn ons) and takes a deep breath. 

"Perrie cheated on and left Zayn. He walked in on her and another guy fucking making out with no shirts on and Perrie was like 'Oh yeah! We're done! Could you leave us alone please?" 

What? No. That can't be true. Perrie wouldn't do that. Would she? Why would Maddie lie? Holy shit! Is Zayn ok? He's got to be heartbroken. He really loves Perrie. 

I open my mouth to say something but again, I'm speechless. How could she do this? And then to have the nerve to tell him to leave her alone with the other guy? What the fuck. 

"That fucking bitch!" 

Kaths on her feet and standing next to Maddie shouting out what everybody's thinking. 

"Is he okay?" 

Maddie starts to pace again, searching for something to say in her head. She opens her mouth to say something, then closes it. She seems like she wants to tell me something, but isn't sure what she wants to tell me. 

"Uhm, about that.." 

She stops and walks toward me, and starts picking at her nails, something she does when she's nervous. Oh shit. What has she done? 

"I, uh, might of possibly told Zayn we'd go to London to check on him for a few days.." 

She Trails off and bites her lip. That's it? Why is she so nervous about that? 

"That's no problem. I'll tell my mum we have to leave a little early. She'll understand."

She looks down and continues to pick her nails. Wait a minuet.. 

"You weren't talking about going to see him after my family.. Were you?" 

She doesn't reply and won't look up. I sigh and run my hands through my hair. Why would she tell Zayn that with out even talking to me first? Ive been pushing back seeing my mum and Gemma and Robin for almost three weeks now. I really really miss them. 

"I can just check on him alone and meet you back in Cheshire in a few days.." she says quietly.  

"No I don't really want to be away from you right now. Your still hurt and stuff and I want to make sure your okay." 

I sigh and climb out of the chair so I'm directly in front of her. She's still picking her nails and studying the floor, so I gently grab her hands. She looks up and stares into my eyes. 

"We can go make sure Zayn is okay, after you meet my family. We'll go home for the night, and go see Zayn tomorrow afternoon. Deal?" 

A soft smile comes across her lips and she leans into me. 


I wrap my arms around her and rest my head on top of hers. 

"I'm going to fucking barf.."

Maddie and I both laugh as we pull away. She pecks my lips and whispers, "I love you, Harold." 

"I love you too, Madeline." 

She gasps and hits my chest.

"Don't call me by my full name! You know I hate it!" she laughs. I just shrug my shoulder and smile. I know she hates it, that's why I do it. 

She walks over to Kath and grabs her hand, pulling her toward the stairs. 

"Help me grab the stuff I need from up stairs. We'll be back down in a minuet, Haz!" 

I nod at her and plop down in the chair, watching her and Kath bound up the stairs, giggling about some thing Kath whispered in her ear. 
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