When life pushed you down did you get up?
Was that moment when you finally realized that im not the quiet kid anymore,
Was it that time in your life you said
It is not okay.


1. Reason

From day one at high school I was not treated well,

I was put to shame as the freak and the new stupid girl,

Why need long hair and gorgeous looking eyes when the kids at you're school beat you up for mere pride?

I once had parents, oh were they not a help,

My father suicidal and my mother gone with ill health.

An orphan at that my life had no meaning,

Good looks with rigid structure left the silence over beaming,

I was not the condemned nor the innocent since my soul held no depth,

To the long earful torment of anger, jealousy and death.

Oh how would life be if i never touched the Earth?

If I were still just the cherub in the kingdom of Heaven and Earth.

I felt all alone since loneliness had been my successor,

Oh hail to the one who had made me much more lesser,

Why make me a human of flesh, emotions and blood when the use of these organs were being waisted by this crud.

The question lulled on my tongue like the charmer with the snake,

Until one favorable day reason had blessed me and showed me the way.

It was back at lunch as I excused myself supper,

A few misfits followed closely as they snuck up ready and able,

The first shouted demon and the other kicked my back,

As the other one grabbed my shoulder and punched me "wham!" and "smack!".

I fell to the ground as my legs gave way, but my head began to lighten as the fury in me enraged,

The emotion from birth was beginning to take over as my body began to twitch and shake.

The tips of my mouth began to burst with laughter as I rose from the ground all battered and baked,

My head bled crimson blood which made the girls gag, whilst my breathe began to break into a huffing.

The girls looked so strange when the world was dyed red, the throbbing kept growing more strong in my head.

The one who had kicked me began to shriek demon, but my hand snapped her out before she could cry.

The twitch in emotion made me shriek out in laughter as I brushed the school girls aside,

Their bodies like dummies and faces not poised began to twist as they all fell and dies.

I looked down at my hands and wondered again, why was it that hurting was something which followed the corrupted and Unwanted life.

The thought was answered as soon as I was expelled from the school and put into prison for life.

To feel and to hurt is something which makes the human thrive,

So to be contempt with the reason of my existence being here was the simple answer...

I was born to survive.


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