The New Neighbor


5. Meeting The Boys

We then walked up the stairs and when I was about to open the door he opened it for me.

I smiled and nodded to thank him, he returned a smile and a nod.

When we were inside I walked upstairs to where the boys were at.

The thing is when we were walking upstairs Justin put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

I looked down to see his arm around me and smiled then looked at Justin and noticed he was already looking down at me, he then smiled and looked down.

I'm guessing he felt a little embarrassed because he let go of my waist.

I just smiled and laughed a little.

Me: I never said I didn't like it

I smiled and he smiled and put his arm back around my waist, I just laughed

Edward: Who's that?

Me: This is our new neighbor Justin Bieber, Justin this is Edward, Carter, and Gage

Justin: Nice to meet you, anyway what are you watching?

Carter: It's Man vs. Wild have you seen it?

Justin: No I don't really have time to watch tv because I'm always busy

Edward: Well do you want to watch some episodes?

Justin: Ya sure

He let go of my waist and went to sit down.

I don't really watch that show because it's gross

Me: Well you guys have fun, I'm going downstairs and getting on the computer so bye.

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