Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


1. (No name yet, ideas welcome, sorry :L)-


Part one - ???



‘Let’s go get another drink!' I persuaded Louis and shuffled over with him to the bar. This was the 24th glass of wine id had all night, not to mention the 12 shots id already consumed.

'Your already drunk enough!' he protested, but I gulped down another full glass.

'I haven’t vomited yet! I’m not drunk enough!' I laughed, attempting to punch his arm but missing and punching the wall. 'That’s it, I’m taking you home!' he picked me up from behind, wrapping his arms around my waist and taking me out. All I remember then is everything blacking out and waking up in the warm hotel room bed.



Almost a married woman! I will be in a few weeks to my lovely groom Harry. I’m just glad I’ve got my girls to help me plan the whole thing! Tonight was just a laid back night on the 'Hen doo' though, except me, Chelsea, Delaney and Farhana got kicked out of the nightclub while Alicia’s boyfriend took her home. He'd been in the same club as us with some other friends of his coincidently and took her back to the hotel room we were all staying in. We didn’t stay out all night, as we had a lot of things to get organised. Four bridesmaids, four best men, and both mine and Harry’s parents being there, was going to be horrific. There wasn’t a thing that was ready yet, not a venue booked or a dress bought, not even a flower picked. It had to get done soon...



I actually can’t believe my best friend is getting married to Harry! Its not long ago that i met her and we got drunk in a nightclub exactly like tonight! It brought back memories...

*the next day*

I woke up with a huge headache that morning, but it soon went off with some paracetamol and a lay in.

'So, are we starting the wedding planning today?' I said as I slipped out of my room to join the others who were sat in the small living area drinking cups of tea and coffee.

'Sure, we could go look at wedding venues today if you like?' Alicia suggested.

'Harry said he’s going to look at that tomorrow or today for us. I need to go check that out with him anyway' Paige explained.

'What about your dress?' Farhana shrugged.

'Not yet' she replied.

'What about bridesmaid dresses?!' Delaney perked up and smiled.

She nodded and we all split to our own rooms to change and get ready. I left my light blonde hair down and simply straight, as did all the others. Our make up wasn’t heavy, but heavy enough to see.



'So where should we look first?' I asked, keeling my eyes on the road as we drove to the big shopping centre not far away.

'I was thinking about going to some simple shops first then moving up?' Paige smiled next to me.

'Okay' I replied and turned up the radio.

'You’re insecure!!' Alicia sang as What makes you beautiful came on next.

'Don’t know what for!' Paige carried on and everyone joined in.

'Not this again!' I laughed but they got me into it and soon the radio was on full blast and the five of us were singing our little hearts out while people gave us funny looks when they drove past.

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