Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts

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  • Published: 8 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2012
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*Winner of the Beatgirl fan fiction competition!*
Everyone loves coffee and extra-large chocolate doughnuts and Amy is no exception to this. From money problems to bonding over decaf coffees, this is one unique story to show how determination and love can change everything. How will Amy cope with the pressure?


1. 'The usual'

“What can I get you?”

The sound of the guy’s voice brought me blinking out of my daze and whisked me back to reality.

“Ummm yeah, the usual” I muttered under my breath. Nothing like a good old coffee to wake you up in the morning I say. Ok fine, I wasn’t ordering your average caffeinated coffee but people who drink caffeine every day start to depend upon it and when they don’t get it you better watch out because they’ll end up getting a lousy headache all day. Then they’ll be all grumpy and seriously, who likes to try and have a conversation with someone who’s constantly frowning and arguing?

“And what the hell would that be?” The guy behind the counter grumbled back. Looks like he hadn’t had his caffeinated coffee this morning.

“You know, what I usually get.” I said altering my bag strap on my shoulder, “Well…I have been here like a million times before.”

The guy sighed and ran his hand through his cobweb black hair almost angrily. “The last time I checked there wasn’t a definition for ‘the usual’ in my vocabulary. So can you please tell me what you want now, so we can part our separate ways.” He said looking around the café to find his boss (or what who I think was his boss) standing nearby giving him the evils. He grinded his teeth together and looking back at me pasted a big fat fake smile on his mouth.

“What happened to always being polite to the customer?” I smiled back. That saying had obviously gone out of the window.

“I guess that grew old when girls not unlike yourself came into cafés demanding ‘the usual’ to guys not unlike me, who don’t know what the hell they are talking about.” He said through his false smile.

“Ok fine, so maybe I was a bit out of it and forgot only for one brief moment that you weren’t Roger.” I confessed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Thinking about it, what happened to Roger?”

“I dunno, I was just offered a job and I needed the money so I took it, so I guess he either got fired or he quit.”

“Oh….” I smiled awkwardly extending my hand out to him, “Well hi, I’m Amy.”

He raised his eyebrows mocking me and it took several moments for him to shake my hand in return. “I’m Leo.” He replied. I glanced down at our hands; his hand was rather large in comparison to mine but I guess that isn‘t much of a comparison since I‘ve pretty much got the hands of a 6year old. Did you know that there are no muscles in our fingers? The muscles we use to bend our finger joints are located in our palms and up in our mid forearm. I glanced up into his eyes for a moment, to find him staring at me with a weird expression on his face. His eyes I realised were rather unusual looking; they were an earthy green colour that varied between hazel and dark green depending on how the light shone on them. I’d never seen anything like them before.

He took his hand back and wiped it on his jeans. I flinched.

“Now getting back onto the subject, what do you want?” He frowned.

“Fine yeah, ummm, two decaff coffees with two extra-large chocolate doughnuts.” I thought twice, “Urmm yeah, to take way.”

Minutes later two steaming coffees were placed down on the counter in front of me and two brown paper bags. I grabbed my coffees and paper bags, and turned on my heel to leave.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Leo sighed.

“What now?” I moaned. This guy was seriously getting on my nerves and me on his apparently according to the angry expression on his face.

“Well if you were to go through that door right now, I would be well in my rights to dial 999 and tell the police to look for a crazy woman with frizzy red hair, dressed in what looks like a 5year olds clothes running down the streets with two decaffeinated coffees and two extra-large doughnuts.” He smiled slyly back at me.

I quickly glanced at my reflection in the glass of the shop window and groaned. The girl’s hair in the reflection looked like it hadn’t been brushed in years and was dyed a startling shade of bright red, but if you looked closely enough you could faintly see the dark brown roots growing through. If you thought her hair was bad, you should have seen her clothes! She’d just chucked on the first thing her hands had got a hold of this morning and the first thing they’d got a hold of was a Winnie the poo tee-shirt (god knows where she found that) and a denim mini-skirt embroided with silver sequins and dusted with blue glitter. To top it all off she had on these horrible tacky brown trainers with the soles practically falling off, from her local charity store. I guess you would have expected more from a fashion designer.

I stomped back up to the counter and rested my coffees on the counter and while juggling with my bags of doughnuts, I reached into my satchel and pulled out my purse and I practically threw the money at Leo and ran out of the shop, not even waiting to get my change.

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