I Wish That Was Me

This is a finfic I made about girl named Alex who goes to the beach and meets some unexpected guests.


1. Lets go to the beach!

(This is my first movella so sorry if it's bad.)

Alexandria's POV:

     "Um, Maya I am pack here while you are reading fanfiction. Don't you wanna go to the  beach?"I asked my lazy but awesome bestie Maya.

     "Sorry Alex, but I am addicted to this book!" she replied. 

    I giggled at that statement. And with that we continued packing and soon we were on our way to the beach. 

                                                                         * * * 

It took us about 20 minutes to park. Today was the fourth of July so many people brought their kids and families to the beach since they are not at work. And that makes it VERY busy here. "Oh there's one!" shouted Maya making me jump. I quickly took the spot and stopped my car. It was a maroon BMW convertible. Maya jumped out grabbed her towel and bag of sunscreen and stuff out of the trunk. I was and wasn't surprised that she took the cooler. I was because its not very likely for her to do anything that's not for her. But you must know that she always repays the favor. "Well?" "What?" I asked confused. "Are you coming?" she laughed. "Oh ya. Sorry Maya!" I laughed along too. I got my stuff and headed for the beach. It was quite a long walk. We had to pack at a park n pay about two blocks away. When we got there we spread out our towels Maya immediately stripped first. I mean she was still wearing a bikini. Then I did the same. Maya lay down to sunbathe and I put the cooler on my towel an headed for the water. I stopped almost immediately. "Maya I'm going to the water." "ok" Maya has anxiety. That means she worries way too much. I ran to the water swam to a part that's quite deep and just swam around a bit. A couple seconds later a beach ball hit m. I grabbed it ready to whip it back at whoever threw it at me. I turned around to see a familiar face. A very sexy familiar face per say.
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