Not really sure what to say about this one, what with it being such a dark poem...
Inspired by moments in my life of experiencing the struggle of other people with this dilemma.
Hope you enjoy.


1. Insecurity


That’s all `it` feels, staring at itself in the mirror.

Curious and saddened eyes critically analysing the reflections features, it’s own features.

Imperfection is all `it` sees in itself despite everything is how it should be.

`It` questions it’s existence, female or male? Human or not? Sane or insane?

Smooth skin pulled over feminine musculature and yet no breasts exist.

Instead the structure is flat and stubble grows on it’s chin.

A woman’s eyes sit in masculine sockets, burning in hatred at their inescapable prison.

Longing to be free they glance and compare themselves to the birds in the sky.

`He` turns but it is `she` that looks out the window.

It is `she` in control and yet she is completely unable to influence `his` appearance.

`He` and `she` are one in the same body but both exist independently- longing to have their own bodies.

Their own happiness, their own life.`She ` looks back at the mirror and asks that `he` hide again.

This time `he` complies and replaces the masculine with feminine until `he` is gone and `she` is free again to be happy, even if for such a limited time.

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