The Year of Growth

Amanda is a spoilt child who needs a cure of her selfishness. Alice is a girl fighting to keep her father alive, and to keep her family from falling in to the poor class. Amanda's father has given a reward for any one who can cure his sour-faced girl. That reward will be enough to keep Alice's father alive.

Between the girls there is an instant dislike, but as the year go's on, and the girls grow toghether and discover something that could seal their bonds as friends, or destroy them.


1. Alice

Things started going wrong last winter. Mama started moving around a lot. Papa feared she loved another. But she did not. I know her. She swore it was just some buisness that needed settling, but when I asked she would say, "All in good time my child." Winter passed. It was the beginning of a perfect spring. We were upper class then. Then the first bomb dropped. My brother Mathew fell in love. With a theif. A charming, beautiful THEIF. She did love him though. So when we found out how much money had been given to her, she proposed to run away. He agreed.

Now, we are slowly slipping down the middle class. Only our dearest two servants were left. And the governess. She is horrible though. Then... Mama died. It was the end of spring. Part of Papa's health went with her. He had only me and my youngest brother Edward to live for. So, as a girl of twelve I went out in to the world to find the money to get my Papa healthy.


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