Painful first love


1. Painful first love


Love is like tears It keeps on getting multiplied  The more I love, the more I tear Do you do the same?   The times we meet Is getting fewer and fewer The more we kiss The harder it is   The moments we share The moments we spent apart Every moment Is getting harder to content   I want to spent my youth with you But is my youth already gone? I can’t see you, I can’t feel you Where are you?   I’m feeling uneasy Is it just me, or both? Do you ever get the feeling? That you ever want to see me?   If you don’t want to see me Then why are we together? I feel like you are gone Did you meet another?     The break, the break of my heart When I know that it is over Is unimaginable The more tears fall   Even now, when it is over Why do you keep getting on my mind? You do I always feel sad when I think? Were my days with you, that precious?     My new man, isn’t my new man When I think of him, I think of you When it was through  That I knew   My heart is steady, I think? I’m not that sad anymore You aren’t in my head Did I finally forget?     A new start A new love I can’t keep on seeing you in my head You were my precious first love


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