This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who went to sleep and had a dream but it wasn't a dream it was real. It was where 1D are trying to kidnap her many many times but Ammarah just won't give in. Every night she goes to sleep she wakes up and sees them try to kidnap her. She does fall in love with one of them. One night when they try to kidnap it happens.


1. The succesful kidnapp!

Ammarah POV

I was getting ready for bed and call my friend right before i sleeps. "Hello?" Arianna says. "Hey i just wanted to talk to you about these weird dreams i've been having where 1D try to kidnapp me but it doesn't happen." i says. "well, maybe you should tell your parents?" Ari said. "Can't, their on vacation for a while" i said. "I dont get why u hate them?" Ari said. " Look i just dont like them okay. its just that they are rich snobby celebritis okay!" and hung up. i went straight to bed and woke up at 2 am and see 5 boys staring at me. i was about to run but i was tied up. i then noticed that they were 1D. God why me i hate them ugh then i heard them say to niall to watch me. Then later niall dozed off into a deep sleep. This was my chance and i slipped out of the ropes and ran into my basement. i hid in between the ping pong table. i scratched myself on accedent and said "SHIT!" Then i heard the boys.  DAMN IT! i saw liam from one side and harry from the other so i pushed the ping pong table forward and ran. As i ran i fell and twisted my ankle. i got back up an ran straight up the stairs then saw that niall was standing there. I knew the perfect distraction and said "oh look Nandos!" Niall said "oh where?" i ran straight past him and ran into my room and locked it with out knowing that i wasn't alone in my room. i sat down on my bed in relief. Suddenly i felt two muscular arms around me when i looked i saw louis. i heard the other guys come up the stairs. Louis told them that there was a spare key.  They opened the door and niall said "You got her!" "No thanks to you!" Louis replied. "Louis get the fuck off me now!!!!!" i said as she tried to get out of his grip. "Thats not gonna happen!" Louis said with a smirk on his face. Louis held my scratched arm really tightly with out knowing. Then i screamed "SHIT! Louis let the fuck go of my hand NOW!" "Why, so you can get away?! Well thats not gonna happen!" Louis replied. "Please let go of my hand it fucking burns!" i cried with tears streaming down my face. Louis said "Well i don't believe you!" "please i won't run just let go of my hand, it hurts!!" She said crying even more. "Liam, look at her arm, is there something wronge with it?" Louis asks. "Yeah, you better let go of it cause there's a big cut and it's bleeding." Liam says concernly. Louis lets go of it.  Ammarah grips her arm and runs to the corner of her bed far away from the boys, especially Louis. She starts to cry a little and liam walks over to her and he sits next to her. "Are you okay?" He asks. "NO, my arm, the scratch, it hurts really badly." She cries. Liam puts his arm around her. He comforts her for a few minutes then he wipes her tears and says "It's okay, we need to clean it up so it doesn't get an infection okay?" He says. "WHAT? No im going right now!" She says. Then liam quickly grabs her and is in the same position as she was when she was with louis. Ammarah tries to get out of his grasp but it was too tight. Then liam says "Guys get the alchohal swabs now!" Ammarah starts screaming and yelling and trying to break free but she can't. The boys get the alchohal swabs and open it. "Wait, guys you have to listen to me! You can't touch me with that orelse!" Ammarah yelled. "Orelse what? look, we know it burns but it will be over in a second okay?!" Said louis. Then Louis put it on her cut. Ammarah past out and the guys were worried about her. Ammarah woke up in her room on the bed. She said in relief "Thank god that was a dream!" Then she saw 1D walk in the room.

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