Mystery Women

Jake is a regular 19 year old he's going to go to a great university and study and get a job. But that when he see's the mystery women and a secret he doesn't want to know?


1. The Text and Her

I slammed my phone down then wished that the text wasn't true. I switched on my phone 1 message show or not show. I thought should I see it yes or No. I clicked yes then I regretted it.


I have something 2 tell U I'm pregnant with your child

Emily xxx

I switched off my phone and shouted. No this can't happened not me. I picked up my jacket and shrugged it on.

"Mom I'm going to friends" I shouted running downstairs.

"Okay honey" my mother shouted. I opened the door and was welcomed by a cold breeze. I ran out, I had to go somewhere to clear my mind. I walked into the local bar and sat on a seat.

"What would you like" a waiter asked.

"A beer" I replied and watched the waiter go inside to make my drink. I slammed my head on the desk furiously. When I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see a stunning women with glossy black hair and unusual violet eyes she couldn't be more than 20.

"What's wrong" she whispered in a sexy voice.

"Nothing" I mumbled.

"You know you can tell me" she whispered. I was going to tell her to leave me alone but I couldn't, I told her of all my problems and the text.

"Whose Emily" the women asked

"My girlfriend" I replied taking out my wallet and showing a picture of me and Emily her brown hairs dazzling in the light.

"She's pretty" the women mumbled.

"Yeah, I'm Jake you are" I asked remembering I didn't know her name.

"Rose nice to meet you Jake" Rose exclaimed taking out her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine Rose" I whispered shaking her hand. 

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